Here it is basically, illustrated with few in-game examples. Bron still does serve his original purpose (i.e. allows me to do lots of things I couldn’t do when playing as Skaila), but every now and then a quest comes along and all I can say is “nope, the dude just wouldn’t do the thing.” Bron is really not a nice person, but he certainly has more redeeming qualities than the character I initially planned to create, lol. So here - a medal for you, my immoral thief, as this is probably the only one you’ll ever get:

“I think M’aiq the Liar tried to have me killed! I saw him talking with an assassin on the road right before said assassin attacked me. I like to think we worked things out Aang and Zuko style and are friends now though, because ever since I followed M’aiq around for a week I haven’t seen or heard from the Dark Brotherhood once.“


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So I decided to go back to Realvision and take some screenshots because honestly to date it’s my favorite ENB (outside the one I made for myself of course)

This ENB is stellar for a number of reasons: 1-it’s one of the few CoT compatible ENBs. 2- it has an option for those using RLO and ELFX. 3- each option has three performance options to pick from; high, medium, and performance(low). 4-it has an installer that while doesn’t completely install the ENB it does make things a fuck ton easier. 5-it’s performance options still look amazing. 6- The installer gives you options to pick from like if you want DOF enabled or not, if you want to use letterbox or add a sunsprite it has available, it also has four suns for you to pick from. It also asks if you are using Supreme Storms for CoT or not and so on, to make sure the ENB is better set up for you.

These screenshots were taken with Option B(ELFX lighting) performance.  Now I will also note I’m not using it’s DOF as I use Dynavision. Also using another sunsprite and not the one you can choose to use with the enb. About the only thing I turned on with the performance version was the water.

Another thing I would like to note is if you are like me and using a ton of texture mods, going with the performance options is a good idea, mostly if your card is in the mid range section now, as honestly the changes most ENBs offer get lost because of all the mods you have and you start to take a massive FPS hit. 


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