Quick one that I wanted to finish before bed.

Not a thank you, per say, but just some fan art for a really original design! Also mad respect to people who draw Ninetails. SO MANY EFFING TAILS.

-crawls off to bed-

A Second Helping

Jolokia had been on his way through the forest, looking for Flare in order to return her lantern. The taur guessed he had been padding along for maybe ten minutes, when yet another lantern crossed his field of vision.

…mine? Please let it be mine this time…

The taur reached the lantern’s hiding spot, this time a few feet above his head, caught in the limb of a tree. It looked like no other lantern he’d seen, with a strange fox-like pattern on the outside and a weird yellow color to it. He shook his head and again sighed defeatedly, just as he had with Flare’s lantern.

No… come on, Jolokia, find your lantern… do it for them…

He sat back upon his haunches, stood tall upon his hind legs, and retrieved the lantern from its resting spot, setting it along his taurback as he sat back down and untied the message on this new lantern.

"My wish is to have more life-long friends."

Jolokia sighed gently and shook his head. The wish seemed so vague in comparison to Flare’s wish. It could have been anyone. He sighed and tried to think of anyone he’d met before the festival that could have wanted a wish like this.

That Skymin… I wonder… he seemed so eager to meet the rest of our group. It seems so far-fetched to think it could be him with such a swift, random reasoning, but it’s the only clue I have right now and I really don’t want to push aside my first guess, as mother said those were almost always right…

He tucked the message back into the lantern and wrapped it around his opposite shoulder, smiling softly as he set forth yet again. But suddenly, he saw a familiar shape out of the corner of his eye. It was Connor, sitting alone in a clearing. How serendipitous that his first guess would be so close by! It would make the process much quicker.

With a giggle and a few bounding steps, he sprang over next to the Skymin, retrieving the lantern to offer it to him.

"…Connor, would this lovely lantern happen to be yours?" he trilled, his ears perking upward in hopes that maybe, just this once, something would truly be this easy.

A Demise Discovered

Jolokia’s paws felt like they were on fire. The Skymintaur had been running non-stop for several hours, trying to make it back to his home before he missed anything too important. His gaze softened considerably when familiar sights and sounds greeted him, and he finally skidded to a halt a few feet from Lake Saumya’s northern shore.

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Skymintaur's Jolokia Portrait Commission














Alright! Here’s Ask-skymintaur's commission; 12 portraits for his character Jolokia!

Gotta say, drawing Jolokia was actually quite a lot of fun! Plus he lent himself to some excellent muzzle practice. Man I must brush up on muzzles. 8T;

Sooo yeah, hope you like ‘em dude! And if there’s anything you want me to fix/change, I’ll gladly oblige!

But for now… the Deadpool game calls me. 8|

asktheaniseeds said:

"Hello there! Welcome to the community! I'm Jolokia, or, as I'm more commonly known now, Loki! It's nice to meet you both! Well, I mean, you both look awfully familiar, but... that could just be me. Not sure."

Rueben: “Wh-wh… HOLY CRAP!” the Eevee exclaimed in surprise and awe and the strange creature standing before him. “I’ve never seen anything - or heard of anything - like you before! It’s nice to meet you too…! Um, but, familiar…?” he tilted his head quizzically, unable to recall anything having to do with the unique-looking Skymin. “I don’t remember meeting you before. Maybe Olin might…” Rueben glanced over at the Poochyena, only to see him snoring away peacefully, blissfully unaware of the presence of a newcomer - how typical. “Uh… I think I’ll just let him sleep for now, and tell him about you when he wakes up. Hehehe…”