Below is a list of Rocky Mountain demo bikes that will be available at our demo weekend on the 17th & 18th May.

Altitude 750 - Medium & Large
Altitude 750 MSL - Small & Medium

Thunderbolt 730 - XS, Small, Large, XL

Element 950 - Medium, Large, XL
Element 950 MSL - Large, XL

instinct 950 - Medium, Large
Instinct 950 MSL - Large, XL

Skyline diversion is really worth riding...

The diversion currently in place on Skyline cuts out a lot of the boring fireroad, it now includes a long section of the Coed Morgannwg bridleway. 
The replacement sections transform Skyline into a great combination of trail centre and natural mountain biking.
“29/8/12 - please note the eastern loop of the Skyline trail is closed. A newly cut trail section is in place which starts at the end of ‘Riding High’ and takes riders down past 'Granada’ to the start of 'Deadwood’.”

See map here: