Plot n° 09 "Heart melodies."

  • Tipo →  Amistad, encuentros, sufrido(?), idk amor(?), cosas lindas. Posible smut,TODO. Sinceramente no sé, lo que se valla desarrollando.
  • Inspiración → No sé. Mis momentos de fangirl, supongo.
  • Personajes → Adeile Watson & Máximo “Max” Eliott.
  • Fc’s →  Lucas Robert Hemmings. Posibles F: Skyler Samuels y Hannah Murray.
  • Personaje que usare → Je, idk. Preferiría a Adeile, pero no tengo drama en tomar a el Max. Pd: Si tomo a Adeile, seguramente use a Skyler, ji.
  • Estado → Libre.

¿Haz visto las estrellas? aveces la vida se siente así… como en un limbo en el cual tu no paras de brillar, sin embargo, otros siempre brillan con más fuerza

              ❝Que importa si brillas más o menos, el poder lo                                       tiene el que no deja de brillar.

Creo que he encontrado la letra de mi próxima canción.

              ❝¿Que puedo decir? Mi trabajo de medio tiempo                                  es inspirar a músicos frustrados…

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Okay so I just have to say it.. The nine lives of Chloe king show had followed the book fairly well except for how they started out with Alyec :/ everyone hated Brian, and I hate that -.- in the books, Chloe took to Alyec right away and there was never that pull of attraction of her hating him and then them coming to be fond of each other and him protecting her all the time. That didn’t happen. That’s more of a damon/Elena thing.. I think that is the reason why SO many people shipped Chalek :/ because the whole hating someone who protects them and is nice to them thing is what pulls viewers attention to shipping them, it’s the whole allure. But that’s truly not how Alyec and Chloe’s relationship really was.. I wish that in the show the writers had done it the right way, and had her falling over Alyek and them interested in each other from the start (like the books) and Brian be the one protecting her from afar and can’t get her attention like in the book. Then people would ship her with who she’s meant to be with (Brian). Alyek and Chloe have a great connection and understanding and friendship, but neither of them wanted to pursue a relationship, it was too much pressure because they were both Mai, and Alyek wanted Amy in the end. Chloe and Brian had this special connection, and I love Brian in the series. I will always ship Chloe and Brian. I wish the writers hadn’t changed that part of Alyec and Chloe’s relationship, and stayed true to how it really happened, otherwise more people may understand how significant Chloe and Brian are to each other. It turned Into a vampire diaries scenario rather than following the books :/ I loved brain on the show and wish that the writers had followed through with Brian and Chloe’s relationship of them being in love until the end. They were just so cute together. I understand why people loved alyec, but that’s not how he was in the books. He liked Chloe, but not to that extent. Brian was the one protecting her and if they had kept the allure of him KNOWING she was Mai and that he was supposed to be hunting her in the series, and made the show a bit darker, (with that aspect and information), then their attraction and tension would have been more alluring to the audience. Brian was supposed to be the one she slowly became fonder of, not Alyec :/ the writers switched it around, so of course people shipped the wrong couple. (No offense) Instead, they made Brian clueless and switched roles, which makes me sad because the audience saw the character’s parts differently than intended. If they had followed the book, I feel more people would have shipped Brian and Chloe. They really missed that chance :/