Tagging Game!

Rule 1: Always post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer all the questions asked.

Rule 3: Tag 11 people and create your own 11 questions.

Rule 4: Let the people you tagged know.

I’ve been tagged by Slimism

  • 1. Name a person on tumblr you would like to meet. Ummm…at the moment, slimism.
  • 2. Describe yourself in one word. Weird.
  • 3. What’s your favorite quote? ”Does it depress you to know how alone you really are?” 
  • 4. Who are you top 5 rappers? Eminem, Yela, Macklemore,Mac Miller, and Joe Budden.
  • 5. Who is your favorite cartoon character? Scooby-doo 
  • 6. Do you sing while having a shower?  Who doesn’t?
  • 7. What’s the last song you listened to? This-Ed Sheeran.
  • 8. The last blog you visited? Slimism.
  • 9. Can you rhyme the word Goodnight with 5 others words? Midnight, fistfight, nightlight, sleep tight, morning light. what…don’t say you weren’t impressed.
  • 10. Tell us a secret :D I fart. A lot.
  • 11. Your biggest fear is? Ending up alone.

My bullshit questions:

1. If you saw your two favorite celebrities on the street, but they were both walking on opposite sides of the road, which one would you run for?

2. What is your favorite TV show from your childhood?

3. What is your favorite scary movie?

4. If you were a prostitute, what is the square root of how many STDs you would have?

5. If you fell in love with someone asexual, would you still love them?

6. If you were peed on, what would your reaction be?

7. If I were to kill you, chop you up into little pieces, and then put the remains in a shoe, would you prefer it to be your left shoe or your right shoe?

8. Where do you think I live?

9. Where do you want to live?

10. What do you want your job to be?

11. If we were hanging out right now, what would we be doing?