klutzygirl said:

Skyeward, 2 + 41, please

in the snow + diamond

'Grant,' she says. 'It's freezing. Properly freezing. Please tell me we’re nearly there?’ She kicks at a mound of soft snow, wriknling her nose when a flake falls upon it.

'We're nearly there,' he promises, pulling her a little closer as they walk with the excuse of keeping her warm.

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Agents of Shield Season 2 Sneak Peek

snarkysweetness said:

skyeward + hold my hand

fits in with the second part of this

She can feel power and centuries and stars running through her veins. She can feel ancienct gods and she has their strength and she could turn worlds to dust.

And it hurts.

It hurts a lot.

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anonymous said:

I totally got the creeps from Skye laying down on that table with all those Alian signs. This show is all about forshadowing so this is not random. Whatever is happening or is about to happen to Coulson and Skye relationship will go hand in hand with what happens to her dad. Like you said previously, her dad can use their tension to attract Skye to his dark side. Skye might start losing it and Coulson won't even noticed. Do you think Coulson knows what happened to her and Ward?

This show really had a thing for foreshadowing seriously.

I’m not surprised that they gave us a shot of Skye surrounded by all that alien writing and what not, and esp the look she has on, it gives me the creeps too.

And yea, i do think there would be a time where her dad would try convince Skye to go on the darker side when tensions are high between her and Coulson esp if Skye finds out certain things about SHIELD (like how technically they took her away from her parents which resulted in her parents looking for her and killing that village). Skye is someone who gives a person such loyalty and trust, like the way she was following Coulson’s orders in that short sneak peak just proves it. She has trust in Coulson so she is loyal to him; but I also feel like Skye is someone who can pull that trust right out from under you the second she feels like she has been played or feels as though they’re lying to her etc. So that would be interesting to see.

And I think Coulson knows about her and Ward, I don’t know if Skye ever actually shared everything completely; like how there were actual feelings involved before she found out he was Hydra etc. but im sure Coulson knows enough to know she had fallen for him and vice versa considering he says that she is only one who can talk to him. 


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