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Why is chloe dykstra your nemesis? o3o

Sorry I took so long to respond to this!
If you were following me during the airing of Heroes of Cosplay, then you’ll know there was some controversy (on the show, not in real life) between my group and the Crabcat group. Chloe initiated a “fix-it” talk after the alleged “fight” backstage, and then when the talk wasn’t aired, she went on to write about how, “It felt forced anyway, and those girls are portrayed exactly as they are on television.”
Jessica, Holly, Becky, and I have all agreed that what happened on TV was blown waaaaay out of proportion, and that we would all be lucky to meet each other in a convention setting again. I love those girls (especially Becky - she is a little sweetheart.) 
Chloe, however, won’t drop it. She fans the flames of hatred that have flared up in the Cosplay Community, encouraging people to hate us (actually, her blog basically says, “I don’t encourage hate, and nobody deserves to be hated on, but these bitches…”)

I don’t HATE Chloe Dykstra. I would be polite, but brief, if I saw her at Planet Comicon. I just don’t like her because I feel like she’s kind of dishonest, and I feel like she was angry at me and my friends and some of the things she said on her blog were very hurtful. (you can read it here)

Basically, she blew off all of my concerns and instead wrote about how it wasn’t her fault and how we should have known that we were going to be edited and blah blah blah. It just felt accusatory and mean.

Chloe is a magnificent cosplayer. She stands for a lot of things that are great in the cosplay community, like gender equality and treating your fellow nerd with compassion and respect.

Unfortunately, she is also young and a little naive, and she hasn’t quite learned to “walk the walk,” because if she had she would have been much more mature in her response.