skullkidd replied to your post: Just watermark your gifs

I make a point of not reblogging watermarked gifs so. yeah you are awesome <3

I do the same I just go and find the original one if I want to reblog it :3 & Aw thank you. <3

ash-k3tchup replied to your post: Just watermark your gifs

Yes I use to watermark mines but not no more :)

I tried watermarking for like 5 gifs but oh god I just hated it T_T

graysexual replied to your post: Just watermark your gifs

i stopped watermarking mine and they look so much better omg

Your gifs are always great watermark or not :3 besides you made them barley noticeable :3

skullkidd replied to your post: THE E4 GUY VOICES A CHARACTER IN XENOBLADE THIS…

I was thinking of buying that game.. is it any good? and does itl use motion controls?

Jesus there are no words for how incredible the scale of this game is.

I genuinely can’t believe this game is possible on Wii, let alone on a single disc. It’s breathtaking and massive really.

SO YES, BUY IT. Idk about motion controls but it works well with the classic controller.

Watch on

IN LOVE WITH THE NEW SONG! 💜❤️💙💚💛😍🙈 #thereckoning #skullkidd