After drawing a ton of stuff for other people at Combo Breaker, I really wanted to try a fully colored sketch of Peacock. Alas, my Copic collection didn’t contain the plum I needed for her dress, but at least my collection has various shades of reds and violets. Colored pencils were used in areas where the markers I had couldn’t even get remotely close to the right color.

I’m going to buy this game so that I can learn how to play fighting games. Then Peacock will be my main girl. I just love her so much!

My current fighting game skills are absolute crap. I couldn’t even understand the jargon.

Clearing Up Misunderstandings, Part 1: Mike Z

I’ve noticed that people are starting to share ancient chat logs and out-of-context screenshots in an attempt to damage my reputation. I’d like to take a moment to share my side of the story.

“YandereDev demanded praise from Mike Z, didn’t get it, then tried to make Mike Z look like the bad guy.”

I’ve been a huge fan of Skullgirls for years, and I idolized the lead programmer, Mike Z. When I say “idolized”, I’m not exaggerating; I put him on a huge pedestal, thought of him as a god, and practically worshiped him. I felt ecstatic when I met him in an IRC room and realized it was actually possible to talk to one of my heroes. I spoke with him for months, and probably bugged him a little too often with game design questions and game industry questions.

I wanted to be Mike Z; I wanted to become the sort of person who can almost single-handedly program a video game. So, I started developing my own fighting game in Unity, to try and emulate my hero. As I worked, I daydreamed about the day that I would show Mike my prototype. I fantasized about the idea of Mike being impressed by the game and praising me for my efforts. After several months of work, I felt really proud of what I had made. At some point, I mentioned my prototype in the IRC channel that Mike frequented, and Mike asked to see it. I felt that the game wasn’t ready to be presented to anyone, but I showed him anyway.

Mike had a lot of criticism for my prototype. Looking back, I think almost everything he had to say was valid. However, I couldn’t focus on the advice he was trying to give me; all I could think about was the fact that my idol wasn’t impressed by my work. I felt crushed that the scenario wasn’t playing out the way I had imagined it. I tried to deflect every piece of advice he gave me; “The game wasn’t ready!” “It’s still a prototype!” “It’s still missing features!” I threw a big childish temper tantrum and called him names, then stormed off. Reading back over the chat log, I’m pretty embarrassed and ashamed of the way I responded to his criticism. I regret the way I handled it, and I wish I could go back in time and punch my younger self in the face. With that said, I’ve got to say that reading the old chat log is like reading the words of a completely different person; I don’t act that way anymore.

After my big temper tantrum, Mike Z contacted me by way of private message and we had a much more polite conversation about the entire situation. I explained why I took his words so harshly, and he gave me some advice that felt as valuable as gold to me. We parted ways on civil terms, but for several months, I was still silently fuming about the whole affair. His words still stung. I still felt embarrassed. I still felt upset that my months of hard work had been wasted. So even though Mike and I had resolved our differences, I held a petty grudge against me. When someone asked for my “origin story”, this is how I chose to phrase things:

At the time, when I wrote that post, those were my honest feelings. I honestly felt like I was a victim, and a lot of my motivation came from a desire to “outshine” the man who had embarrassed me. However, looking back, I don’t think I was the “good guy” and Mike was the “bad guy” in that scenario.

Now that so much time has passed, I can look back at the whole ordeal more objectively, and I can realize how wrong I was. It was wrong of me to idolize someone like a god, it was wrong of me to throw a temper tantrum when things didn’t work out the way I wanted, it was wrong of me to view myself as a victim, it was wrong of me to hold a grudge about it, and it was wrong of me to tell the story as if Mike was an evil villain who had crushed my dreams.

Now that so much time has passed, that whole situation is pretty much irrelevant, but it’s recently been dragged out into the spotlight, so I felt that it was necessary to share my side of the story and clear things up. Yes, I handled Mike’s criticism very poorly. Yes, I feel ashamed about it. Yes, I held a grudge for months and made him out to be a bad guy even though I was the one at fault. Yes, I’ve grown as a person since then. No, one old chat log does not represent the way I conduct myself on a daily basis.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


I’ve combined warnershane & bluedragonkaiser asks together ‘cause I think they link nicely. ALSO SORRY THIS TOOK SO FRIGGIN’ LONG I SUCK AT THIS STYLE

I really had to think about what girl I find the sexiest from Skullgirls and honestly I can’t choose between my favourites!

  • I mean I love Valentine to bits, sexy ninja nurse, just wanna smooch her face all day log, busty, cute shoes, love her hair
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ms. Fortune on so many levels, she’s probably my favourite character to play as, hilariously funny, sexy! OM NOM NOM NOM I’d go to pieces for her
  • Elizabeth is just long legs, hot heels, cool outfit, and all attitude
  • Parasoul has lovely dark hair and a really simple but cute outfit (and of course her disposable minions!)

BUT what character that SADLY isn’t PLAYABLE that I can’t help but love? MRS VICTORIA. Let’s get all the FAX:

  • Mature
  • Dark hair
  • Glasses
  • Busty
  • Leggy
  • Sexy heels
  • Dat miniskirt
  • and a little bit naughty???

Forget SkullGIRLS I want a SkullLady hnng!

To answer the question of shiny legs VS stockings I say why not BOTH? I can’t explain my love for glossy tights, maybe it’s my vision and the added contour of that sheen helps me see definition, I really can’t say but I know what I like.