My favorite EDH general! I always play super aggressive decks, since I am WAY too impatient to properly play blue (I never remember to keep mana open to counter anything, but somehow remember to keep mana open for kill spells???) and I don’t like playing combo decks (I’m looking at you, Hermit Druid). Anyways, here is my list, check it out! It does pretty well and it’s usually able to hold its own if the general gets Condemned (ughughughugh!).

gazer-beam asked:

Any advice for Skullbriar, the Walking Grave? He seems to have a different focus than the rest of the G/B commanders. thanks!

First off, Skullbriar is kinda lame in a multiplayer setting. Each opponent in the game means 21 more damage he has to deal, and he starts off really small. All your opponents have to do is tuck him or bounce him and he loses all of his momentum. If he gets tucked, you can return him to the command zone in 1v1 Commander, but not multiplayer.

If you’re looking for Voltron commanders, Ruhan of the Fomori and Rafiq of the Many are much better. They’re both white, allowing you to run the best of the best mass land destruction. Ruhan is red, so you can run cards that give multiple combat steps. Rafiq has Wargate and Finest Hour. My advice is to play one of them instead.

If you’re set on Skullbriar, the deck is actually quite simple. He pumps himself and already has haste, so you really just need evasion/trample and some mass LD. Double Strike is especially good, since it triggers his ability twice. A few pump spells are fine, since Skullbriar grows pretty slowly. Unspeakable Symbol, Soul’s Might, and Hatred are all good options.

Here’s a 1v1 list I put together if you’re interested

Finally, I’ll refer you to this post. It’s…well, the title says it all.

Made a new EDH deck

Since apparently me playing with Slivers is bullshit and I have to be everybody’s first target.

"Oh, you’re playing Slivers? Everyone go after him first."

5 minutes later I’m out of the game and I get to sit around for an hour while I wait for everyone else to finish.

Sure, I’ve had a game where I killed one person with poison counters in one turn and the last two people with counters in the second turn.
Yes, I’ve had like 40+ Sliver tokens on the field thanks to Brood Sliver before.
Ok, I can make my slivers get +30/+30 or higher (and that’s without Sliver Legion, which I don’t have) but do I really have to be EVERYONE’S first target? My deck does nothing for about 10 turns depending on my draws and if I have Gemhide Sliver. Even if it does go off, one board sweep and my deck does nothing depending how many Slivers I’ve lost. /endrant.

My new one is a Skullbriar, the Walking Grave deck. It’s pretty obvious what it does. Put lots of counters on Skullbriar and win with commander damage. Pretty much everything in the deck adds counters to something, kills stuff, or reanimates it. True B/G style. My favorite cards in it are;

Skullbriar, the Walking Grave (He’s cheap to cast, has an amazing ability and in multi-player will almost always have counters added to him in the early game)

Worldspine Wurm - He’s (possibly?) the largest creature in Magic. He makes more guys when he dies. My deck likes the fact that he’s willing to die and has many ways to benefit from his death.

Jarad’s Orders - A tutor card in EDH, do I have to explain it?

Lumberknot - Most likely considered a bad card. Amazing in this deck.

Jarad, Golgar Lich Lord - In the late game, him with Skullbriar is a way to kill everyone very quickly.

Grave Betrayal - Fun stuff with this card.

Necropolis Regent - Also fun stuff with this card. Her + Skullbriar = win.

Jar of Eyeballs - Filtering. Always necessary.

Corpsejack Menace - Again, very obvious why he’s in.

Death’s Presence - See “Grave Betrayal” or “Worldspine Wurm”

I’ll be adding more stuff to it as time goes on. I have to play around with it and see what it needs and what it doesn’t need. And of course I have various Lhurgoyf creatures (except the og Lhurgoyf himself, but I know where to get one)

Once people start bitching about this deck I think I’m going to do a U/B Faerie/Specter deck using Oona as my general.

su92 asked:

Re: Phyrexian Ingester exiling Skullbriar. Shouldn't it NOT work the way it does now? It's so weird.

A Skullbriar interaction is weird? Who ever could have predicted that?

turycell asked:

There is a case in which the fact that +1+1 counters are relegated to a sub-layer of their own matters: if Phyrexian Ingester ingests a Skullbriar, the Walking Grave with some number of counters on it, with the current rules the Ingester will only get +1/+1. If counters and power/toughness adjusted were in the same sub-layer, Phyrexian Ingester's effect would depend from the one from the counters and apply after it, giving a full bonus to the Ingester.

Well there ya go.