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I was recently made aware of an excellent source for plus size tights over at Donatellas.com! They were kind enough to send me a few samples to review, and I loved them, so please click over to the webshop and get yourself some awesome tights! I’m pretty sure everyone needs skull print pantyhose in their life, right?

DIY Ripped Skull Tights from Nikdreamer here. Maybe these are wearable only once, but they are still awesome. From her blog which appears to be inactive since 2013:

my sister is obsessed with skulls and recently bought a cutout skull tee from urban outfitters, which led her to this do it yourself project at home. all she used was a pair of tights and scissors and began cutting out a skull face in the top part of her tights. she only cut out a small hole for the face, and then ripped through the rest.


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I picked up this super awesome limited edition dress over on DominoDollhouse.com, and couldn’t be happier! It’s really comfortable and looks killer. Mrs. Spookshow, our baby BAM, and myself are heading over to the beach for the weekend, so it seemed like the perf opportunity to rock this one out! Whatcha think, Tumblr?