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you going to swinburne?? my brother went there for his degree :D what are you studying?

yep!! I’ll be doing a bachelors of film and tv, which is so exciting bc I really didn’t think I’d get in (after my atar results, which were pretty far below the clearly in for 2014, I was psyching myself up for the diploma thinking the bachelors was just a pipe dream but no. it happened)

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so many other players that made a better contribution imo

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I was wondering the exact same thing tbh… I’d have picked Silk over Kallis personally..

I know I’d have picked Hastings or Bherendorff or even Pietersen ahead of Kallis? He was so inconsistent

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stories about muck up day: our yr12s can't do a great deal anymore bc the year before i started yr7 some boys stuck quick set concrete down some toilets. lol. now they're pretty much reduced to putting vaseline on everything, glad wrapping pretty much everything and more or less littering. but they have to clean it all up. they used to attack people when they got off the bus&other fun stuff. oh they prank some teachers too. they can be pretty inventive. but its a bit disappointing and lame tbh

oh man concrete in the toilets. that’s a whole other level (the glad wrapped toilets with like soy sauce on is the closest people have got to that here).

But once some kids put honey on the stair’s rail and that’s one of the grossest things. Though nothing I think, beats the crickets that were thrown into classrooms last year. 

It kinda makes me sad we can’t do anything but there are some people I know who would take it too far and many a youngster who would attempt to get into the action, which would be a disaster. 

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I’m looking forward to the russian one. Yeah I’m sure it wouldn’t be too bad but French just bugs the shit out of me (I think its my teacher tbh) and I think I have to do the revolution in French already?? Idk I’ll see what happens

Yeah, Russia is so much fun.

Ah, you probably already know bits of it but yeah idk I have a really good revs teacher (those classes are some of the highlights of my week)

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so glad I’m doing russian and chinese next year, couldn’t handle the french one. bloody hate the country and the language despite that being one of my subjects

I actually kinda liked the french revolution, though spoiler alert everyone dies and I’m still not sure how to really use bourgeois/bourgeoisie.

But Russia is so much easier like it’s broken up a lot simpler and not every single year in the revolution is super important.

Though the historiography is a pain (start early on that. seriously)

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awesome, congratulations!! my brother liked swinburne, he did some IT degree and he got a job straight out of uni :) (also he met his fiancee there so it holds extra good memories for him :P) hope all goes well for you!

thanks!! Ah, that’s pretty awesome for him. 

Mmm yeah, I think it’s gonna be pretty good over there.