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  • D.A.I.S.Y. Rage

..:: Kitty - $krillionaire ::..

Kitty is back sans Pryde and as hoped, she’s managed to drop us a heater on her newest collection, D.A.I.S.Y. Rage. “$krillionaire” is certainly full of rage, and this time it’s directed toward a certain suitor who couldn’t seem to get past Kitty’s occasional overnight incontinence. (Did Kitty really pull a Billy Madison here? Because despite her embarassing admission, I’m still rooting for her.) Things kick off with a Twin Sister sample before settling into a driving groove, occasionally augmented by some on-edge synths or unhinged vocal layering. The steady cadence forces Kitty to keep her voice flitttering from word to word instead of letting it dissolve away like it tends to do on some of her other tracks. The Skrillex hair dig, an All American Rejects reference, and the way she breaks into singing before letting it fall apart into nervous laughter during her millionaire dismissal, it all works. Even though she’s been removed from her pryde, it’s pretty apparent this kitten isn’t about to stop meowin’ anytime soon.


Mike McDonnell x Kitty - skrillionaire