• Skwisgaar/Toki:YOU BLINKSED
  • Skwisgaar:Yes yes you did
  • Toki:No, you did! I just saws you blinks!
  • Skwisgaar:No I didn't! You... how would you know if you can't... you were blinkins... how would you knows if you saws me blink
  • Toki:I's the winner of this ones, you's the loser! You gets to lick a dildo! Lick a dildo, lick a dildo!
  • Skiwsgaar:I'll licks a dildo... But not because of you. I'm not going to licks a dildo because of you. I will licks a dildo, but not because you tells me to. Because I find it faskinatings. And intriguings to licks a dildos. A freshly-used dildos. So I WILL licks a dildo. On my own terms!
  • ...
  • Skiwsgaar:Do you have a dildo?
  • ...
  • Skiwsgaar:See now you not even says anythings to me. You didn'ts even shows up with a dildo. Did you. Admitsk it.
  • ...
  • Skiwsgaar:Okay fucks this shit. I'm gonna go uhhh gonna go licks a dildo.