A Question of Time by Depeche Mode always kinda skivs me out because of the lyric: Well now you’re only fifteen, and you look good

Like even the part after that and the chorus makes me eugh. Like I understand it’s supposed to be like “I’m protecting you from skeeve bags”

but like “Sometimes I don’t blame them
For wanting you
You look good
And they need something to do” STILL COMES OFF CREEPY

especially because Gore was known for having a thing for younger girls so while it’s supposed to come off as “I’m protecting you”

It’s actually “I’m using this guise of a noble knight in shining armor, but I’m just as skeevy and lustful for you as they are”

käskiv teguviis

Suudle mind,

suudle veel!

Anna suud

mu kaelale!

Riiva mind,

riiva veel!

Oma huultega

riiva mu keelt.

Emba mind,

emba veel!

Ei teisiti tule

mul parem meel.

Tahan tunda,

tahan tunda veel,

kuis hingad

kehad kokku puutudes.

Las ma kuulan,

las sul kuulan veel,

kuidas süda tuksleb

rindkere sees.

Hoia mind,

hoia veel!

Ära eksle kuskil

teisel teel!

Ära lase mind lahti,

ära lase veel!

Tahan näha sind

hommikul ärgates.

Armasta mind,

ainult armasta!

Ilma sinuta 

ei saa elada.

Idk how I’m going to do like a professional job. I don’t think it’s good for people to be in front of computer for like all hours of the day but that’s what like a lot of jobs are…at my internships I can generally pay attention and sit and do tasks for like 5 hours but no more than that. I always end up skivving off after 5 hours because that’s the most my attention span can handle. I can do a lot of work in that time tho!!! I just don’t know what I’m gonna do when I’m not working for free and HAVE to do work for 8 or more hours :/