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I saw you in the "Bucket Full of Homestuck" videos. You are a really great Rose! Best one I've seen yet. (: PS- I plan on cosplaying Karkat at a con, and I'll be on a panel. Any tips for him?

fhsajfa thank you! what panel will you be on? aaaaand i’ve never done karkat myself (i’ve only done one troll cosplay at all, really) but some other awesome people that HAVE done him that you could try asking:



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#5-7. Pleassse. Plus, I like your new Gif. :3

Its really not new. I should probably make a new one, since I dyed my hair again.

5. I was 14 when I lost it to a girl and 15 to a guy.

6. To me it is. You have such a connection during sex. I also just really like sex and I would like it if the person I dated did too. (Good way to fix problems. Yum)

7. I’ve had several.