Announcing custom made skater skirts by DressLikeR5! 

After talking to many of you on here and on Instagram I decided to go ahead and start making a selling the skater skirts I make. Each skirt will be custom designed and made specifically for you! Below are some of the details if you wish to have one made for you!

How will my skirt be custom made? 

I will sit down and have a consultation with you either through Tumblr or via our email ( and from there you can tell me your favorite color, your personal style, and a few random facts. Based on the info you give me I will make a sketch on what your skirt will look like when finished. Once I send you the sketch you can choose to order the skirt. If you do choose to order the skirt it will be made to your custom measurements so it fits you perfectly!

How much will the skirts cost?

The price will vary based on a few factors. Certain materials cost more than others and larger sizes use more fabric than smaller sizes.  If you pick a more inexpensive material like cotton the materials won’t cost as much as they would if you wanted it made out of velvet. The same goes with sizes. Less fabric is used for smaller sizes so I won’t have to buy as much material. Shipping will also vary based on where you live.

Here are some rough estimates on how much a skirt will cost:

  • Size Small Skirt, In Cotton-$20 (Plus shipping)
  • Size Large Skirt, In Cotton-$26 (Plus Shipping)
  • Size Small Skirt, In Velvet/Satin/Flannel-$25 (Plus Shipping)
  • Size Large Skirt, In Velvet/Satin/Flannel-$29 (Plus Shipping)

Some skirts require a zipper some can be made with elastic waists instead. The above price includes the price of a zipper. If your skirt has no zipper it will be less expensive. The same goes for if the fabric yours will be made out of is on sale. Once I design one for you I can go to the store and tell you an exact price and then you can place your order. 

How long will it take my skirt to be made?

I do work a part time job 5 days a week and I run this blog so weekends are when I have the most time to work on them. I should be able to get one done per weekend day so if you order it on Monday I can try and start work on it that night but I probably won’t be able to finalize it 100% until Saturday then I’ll ship it the next day. So Typically a week and a half to two weeks with shipping.

How will I pay for my skirt?

Whatever you feel most comfortable with. I can either put the item up on Ebay or sell it directly from my website via paypal. 

Do you have any examples?

Yes! Here are some things I’ve designed (or made without a pattern based on a photo) and sewn in the past!

Since we’re nearing Christmas and things are going to start getting busy (and I’m making a trip to MOOD in New York to buy fabric for one of my own outfits) I’ll be taking the first 5 orders only and that comes on a first come first serve basis.