amazing so far!!!

Keep your eye out for my upcoming Warriors MAP, Joan of Arc! Like Reflektor, it’s an experimental MAP, this time focusing on the medicine cats of Thunderclan.

In order, art is by Skippyrip, Lotusthetiger, and Kura Kur

(To all participants; the deadline has been extended til August 20th.
If you’d like to apply for a backup, comment on this video: Joan of Arc Warrior Cats MAP )

skippyrip asked:

jon leaving upset me too! but do you really think he wants to look back and see us all angry and mean and hateful towards the show as it is now? no it won't be the same without him and maybe not even quite as funny but he would want the grumplings to continue grumpin'. and you can't blame arin for this because this shows that he made an effort to keep the show alive. he could have just let it die in jon's absence but naw he cant leave the fandom alone in the dark like that

True, but once again, I find it annoyingthat Danny is now Not So Grump. Give him a different title, damn it!

so i decided to do what everyone with school, money and family problems would do.

draw a bunch of blog owners for gifts, that is. these guys are fuckin cool okay, so im gunn actually fix the lines and color this tomorrow and perhaps work on the next batch of bloggers that i personally deem awesome (I was gonna draw a lot more but then sleep got to me)