AMEN @magdalena90210!! I had to repost.. It drives me CRAZY how people think its okay to call you out on being skinny.. so inappropriate and disrespectful! I don’t tell you to lose weight, don’t tell me to gain it. #model #skinnygirlproblems #thin #slim #modelphysic #toned #skinny #bodytype #modelproblems #healthyliving #respect #dealwithit

Pet peeve:

When girls be like…”GURL you are so SKINNY, look at them chicken legs! Do you eat?!?!” like it’s okay to pick on me because I am (was) thin.

Now what if I said…”GURL you are so FAT, look at them BACK ROLLS! What have you been eating!?!?” would that be ok? HMM??

When you lose weight, you still find imperfections on your body. You’re never quite satisfied. Heavy people want to be skinny but then when you are skinny, you want to be toned and not just a bag of bones. It’s a never ending cycle of wanting to be better then before. Even if you are proud for losing the weight.
It would be easier if we could just accept our bodies for how they are and just simply nourish them.

Long list (sorry, just had to say it)

Can I add:

- Being told you look like you have cancer

- Being told you look like you are a drug addict

- Being told you look like you are dying

- Being told you are too fat and too thin simultaneously

- Getting sick all the time from being underweight

- Doctor attributing any illnesses to being under weight instead of running tests (my doc has done this SO many times to me now)

- Constantly being thought and talked about as a ‘girl’ or a ‘child’ instead of a woman (I get this so much!)

- Not wanting anyone to know you ever had a history of anorexia because they will immediately assume it’s because you are vain/shallow/stupid/rich/ridiculous/celebrity obsessed/fame obsessed instead of the reality which is that you are a victim of sexual & emotional abuse

- Being made to feel bad for having small breasts

- Your body becoming free to touch because ‘look at you, you’re so thin/skinny!’ and feeling the need to touch you to point this out

- Feeling conflicted/embarrassed/crappy about buying a hot drink & brownie/muffin to take to a class in case people comment about how and why you can eat so much and not gain weight etc. etc. and even going as far as to prepare a bitchy answer in case anyone asks

- Being made to feel like you aren’t attractive to anyone because you don’t have curves/breasts etc. ALL THE TIME

- Overweight people thinking they have some god-given right to say whatever they like about your body and nothing about theirs in return, EVER. This is like a rule within society, the number of obese people who have commented on my body who I KNOW would throw a tantrum if I dared to say similar things back…TOO MANY TO COUNT. And never saying anything back out of politeness (not from now on though)

- Anorexia being thrown around to put thin women down and in turn belittling a serious illness

Just had to get it all off my chest…(what little there is of it, obviously) *rolls eyes*

Please stop.

I love to be skinny. I love my thigh gap and my collarbones because a lot of society thinks they are beautiful. I am proud of women for knowing every body type is beautiful and  loving their curves. But if every body type is beautiful why do you say that my thigh gap is gross and unnatural in front of me? It’s natural for me. I don’t starve myself for it. I don’t think it’s gross. I hear you say, it is gross when skinny girls’ arms concave. My arms concave. Am I really that gross? For not having as much body fat? I eat a lot, more than most girls. You keep telling yourselves that all body types are beautiful, to make yourselves feel better. I guess my body type isn’t included, only curvy girls have beautiful bodies. If you think I am gross for being skinny, please don’t say so in front of me. I love being thin and what you say won’t change my mind, but that doesn’t mean that your words don’t hurt.

But why is it a competition though?

If the lady on the right is healthy and happy and just happens to be skinny, wtf is wrong with that?

There’s this stigma of attacking all skinny women. We are society’s ideal. When really, it isn’t true. No matter what size you are, you are made to feel unworthy. Society attacks us all. There are things fed to every woman, trying to make her feel unworthy and unbeautiful.

There needs to be a unification, not a divide.

This picture is wrong because it should have said, both women are beautiful, ALL WOMEN are beautiful, in their unique diverse bodies.

I’m sick of skinny girls making themselves sick, to try to gain weight to have curves. And everyone thinks ‘Why wouldn’t you want to be skinny, I’d die for your size’.

We don’t have it as easy as people think.

Once everyone sees the flaws in society, we won’t become the hurtful society to any other woman. Once everyone sees the flaws in society, we can then change the society. But it will not happen with a competition of the body types.

Bigger is better.....???

Alright so being skinny already sucks

Then people go and be all like “Bigger is better!” or “Real men want  curves. Dogs want bones” or some shit like that. Doesn’t that make us feel great??

You can’t call a girl fat but you can call a girl a toothpick/stick/branch/twig/anorexic without it making her feel bad about herself? Wtf is with this world? Just because a girl is skinny doesn’t mean she feels good about herself. It doesn’t give you the right to skinny shame. Just like no one has the right to fat shame.

So stfu.

The life and times of being "too skinny"

"You’re so skinny, you should be a model". No, just because I’m skinny doesn’t mean I can be a model. It takes knowledge, skill, practice and major confidence to master the profession of being a model. My waist, my figure, my body actually has nothing to do with modeling because even the more manly looking women or plus size women are role models in the industry not because of their "skinny or whatever size figure" but because of their effort and time and passion they put in to being a model.

"You’re not hungry.? Aren’t you gonna eat.? C’mon , that’s why you’re so skinny."
No I’m not hungry. No I’m not gonna eat. No that’s not why I’m skinny. I’m skinny because I’m skinny. I’m skinny because I have a high metabolism. It’s not that I starve myself , just like everyone eats when they are hungry I do too. Just because you will doesn’t mean I have to as well. Don’t judge me based on my looks because I know you suffer body insecurities as well. Don’t tell me I look what I look like because of what you assume. You’re false, your opinion is false, you’re thinking is irrelevant. I know my body is the way it is and that’s good enough for me, I don’t have to please your eyes.

"How are you not that size.? have a small waist."
…and that matters because.?? I have a small waist, what of it? You want me to be bigger or smaller or what.? What are you implying? That I change.? For you.? For the attraction of your eyes.? Because I don’t change for anyone but myself. I change what I see is wrong with me, that NEEDS a change. Maybe a negative that should be a positive. A struggle to a settlement. Not my waist. If its an “imperfection” maybe I’ll just let it be my imperfection because I see nothing wrong with it. If i want a change I will go for it but otherwise don’t tell me because its not worth wasting your breath..

I know I’m skinny you don’t have to point it out. I look at myself in the mirror everyday..I’m aware of my figure. Just save your breath. Thanks✌

"You have insecurities? But you're so skinny"

I’ve been thinking about writing this topic for a long time but I wasn’t sure how I was going to approach it. It wasn’t until someone had a conversation with me about body image. I don’t actually remember who I  talked to but all I remember was telling him “skinny girls have insecurities too” and he then replied “oh really? I thought that was only for fat people.” From then on that comment just pissed me off because it was like as if thin girls were not in the picture of society’s body image. Here’s what I have to say about this:

Yes, I am skinny. I am petite and I am very short. I get it. But I am being honest when I say I have insecurities as well. I’m sure many girls have at least one as well but if not, hey more power to ya :) But what bugs me is that not only did he generalize that assumption, he just marginalize every other girl who he thinks isn’t “fat.” I tried to explain to him that skinny girls can have just as much insecurities about their body as well. He then proceeded to ask for examples and so I did but I am sure there are other examples I can exemplify. The main one I pointed out to him was the fact that since I am skinny, I have to meet certain expectations to maintain my body image or change it to meet the “ideal" image of skinny. For example, since I am skinny, I have to be "proportionately skinny." I think perhaps the most offensive thing anyone has ever commented about my body image was my last ex-boyfriend when he said that it doesn’t look good for me to have a tummy since I look skinny. That’s when he recommended me to exercise to lose my tummy fat, and me being his lovey dovey girlfriend I agreed. Shows how much influence even your own partner has on you. 

There are plenty of things that I have thought I would wish to change about myself. I wish I can be taller. Seriously, being a short petite girl makes me feel inferior sometimes. I wish I can at least eat more food or be hungry often. I wish my arms were skinnier. I wish I didn’t feel self-conscious when I put on a form-fitting dress. I wish I wasn’t self-conscious when I put a bikini on. I wish I didn’t feel weak. I wish I was just a little big bustier. I wish my thighs were smaller. Also, I wish people would stop telling me to eat more. I wish people would stop calling me an anorexic. I wish people would stop saying I “look fit.” I wish people would stop complaining about their bodies and compare it to mine. I wish people would stop calling me a “stick,” “tiny,” and a “midget.” I wish people would stop saying I’m skinnier than this person. Stop. Just STOP. 

Just because I wish to change these things doesn’t mean much to me because in the end, I can’t do much about it (except I can also exercise and tone my body, that’s a different story). With the physique I have now, I can only embrace and work with what I have. The things I like about my body outweighs SO much more than the things I want to change and that’s what has helped me go through the day feeling confident at least. For me, it’s always a love/hate relationship as a result of the kind of culture we live in. Seriously, it’s like every where you go, everyone will say something about you and your body or the way you look. I do feel like I am constantly being judged when I meet new people. It becomes a mental battle for me sometimes but at the end of the day I could care less now. I just laugh it off nowadays. I’m more grateful that I am at least alive and in good condition to do physical activity but that doesn’t mean people don’t have feelings. I don’t think anyone should ever assume that only certain people have insecurities and others don’t. Just to clarify, yes I am skinny but that doesn’t mean skinny girls don’t have insecurities. 

I’m in love with my body

I feel like I’ve finally really developed my own womanly physique. I love not being called anorexic anymore. I’m still skinny but I’m not trying to be skinny or fat, I’m just trying to be myself. And I feel like I can finally be comfortable in my body now that I actually look like a woman. 

I’ve always been shit on for being super skinny and then shit on even more when I complained about how I was miserable because people were actually bullying me about something I couldn’t help. I eat more than anyone I know, always have, always will. Not my fault I’m petite and never gained weight.

I believe I look fine as hell now and the way I look and feel about it is a big fuck you to anyone who’s ever shit on me for how I look.