skinnnylove replied to your post: This is just a shout out to all the teens with braces out there, going through teen shit while they have this shit from hell on their teeth that hurts and gets food stuck in it ALL the time.

mrehh try being 22 and working with high schoolers with the gross palate expander gap i feel like im younger sometimes

I know a bit how you feel. I’m sure that is frustrating. I would have had a palate expander if I got braces when I was younger, but I’m too old to get one now. It’s kind of a disappointment & a blessing at the same time.

I get treated like a total kid by a lot of customers at work all the time because of my braces. I don’t care if anyone is younger than me & I don’t treat people like they’re less than me just because I’m older. It’s just hilarious to me that I’m over a decade older than these people that treat me like I’m 13.