So just last night, I found out the guy that I have liked for a long time had fallen in one of the bonfires and badly burnt his hand, so bad, that they classified it as a ‘3rd Degree Burn’. Although we’re not talking now after an arguement involving another girl, my heart dropped when he told me. I’ve been worrying ever since, but from his point of view he probably thinks I don’t care, I do, I really do, how can I tell him with out sounding cheesy?:-(

He had messaged me saying he had been sent to the ‘burn unit’ in Liverpool hospital and he miay need skin graphs on his hand, and I have not heard from him since. He loves Muay Thai, graffiti, drawing and D’j-ing, the normal stuff a 16 year old likes, I’m so worried the skin graphs will ruin it for him, ruin his confidence, ruin his muay thai progress, ruin his life. He needs to know that, although I hate his guts right now, he can rely on me to be there for him, disfigured or not.

I feel mean, saying that KARMA comes at the right times, because he deserved it?