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Some of you may remember me complaining about horrible breakouts a few weeks ago, well let me tell you a story and give you some (possibly) useful information:

Let’s go back to summer and early autumn. My skin was clear, only the occasional  break out, nothing major, then one day I came across this product called ‘Visibly clear Pore & shine Daily wash’ by neutrogena. I’ve been using their products for years and decided that I wanted a foaming cleanser to try out so I bought it.

Just a few days in my face started acting up. My first thought was that this was some sort of purging process my skin was going through, after all the product claimed to clean my pores so all these new clogged pores must just be all the dirt coming to the surface, right?

Well as I kept using this product it got worse, I got more desperate and before I knew it I was washing my face 5 times a day and had completely stopped moisturizing in a desperate attempt to ”unclog” my whole face.

Fast forward, I stopped using the cleanser two or three weeks ago and got back to my normal routine, and my skin is slowly clearing up, but still not back to what it used to be. I recently started really looking in to ingredients that clogges pores and tried being more weary, and just out of nowhere decided to go and read on the bottle of that evil green goop and found that the second ingredient after fucking water was Sodium Laureth Sulfate. We all know sulfates are bad for your hair but what I didn’t know is that it has a comedogenic rating (how likely it is to clog pores on a scale from 0-5) of 3!

Let me just clarify that this godforsaken product that is named VISIBLY CLEAR PORE AND SHINE consists mainly of an ingredient that is pretty likely to clog your pores!

As someone with breakout prone skin I run faster than lightning from getting any oils on my face and many of you can probably relate to that, but even something as thick and heavy as castor oil is less likely to clog you up that this face wash that is made for congested skin.

I just really wanted to put my experience out there since I am still struggling to get my skin back to where it was before trying this product and I can promise you all, I am switching to a more natural skin care routine after this ordeal 

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