Skin Deep Update <3

I know I have been kinda crazy when it comes to writing Skin Deep but this time I am actually more organized about it. I have created a notebook to keep all my story plot lines in order and list of important events. It is bound to actually get me organized about writing my stories better. I have been having a pretty good time actually writing about Glee and this notebook is helping me out to be more organized with the plot lines of skin deep so when I have finished writing everything in the notebook I am going to be typing it. I think it is a wonderful idea to all those writers out there who are like me (which I dought it but a girl can dream right?). The things you can put into your notebook are:

1) Characters
2) Plot Lines
3) Chapter Plots
4) Quotes That You May Like To Use
5) Shockers (like the major things that might get people mind fucked)
6) *Optional* you can write out all the chapters if you want, but i do not like to do that it wastes space.

Trust me it is like so much fun. Also I just wanted to let you guys know that whenever I am writing a journal entry I will write a little hint at the end of the entry about Skin Deep.

Hint of the Journal Entry
There will be a unlikely drunken one nite stand. Like you would have not believed one of the original Glee characters did something like that. You would possibly be mad with me. Like extremely mad.