Minecraft 1.8 Pre-Release: 1, 2 & 3

(Sorry for being inactive the last week I was very busy)

Minecraft 1.8 Changelog: 

  • Added Granite, Andesite, and Diorite stone blocks, with smooth versions
  • Added Slime Block
  • Added Iron Trapdoor
  • Added Prismarine and Sea Lantern blocks
  • Added the Ocean Monument
  • Added Red Sandstone
  • Added Banners
  • Added Armor Stands
  • Added Coarse Dirt (dirt where grass won’t grow)
  • Added Guardian mobs, with item drops
  • Added Endermite mob
  • Added Rabbits, with item drops
  • Added Mutton and Cooked Mutton
  • Villagers will harvest crops and plant new ones
  • Mossy Cobblestone and Mossy Stone Bricks are now craftable
  • Chiseled Stone Bricks are now craftable
  • Doors and fences now come in all wood type variants
  • Sponge block has regained its water-absorbing ability and becomes wet
  • Added a spectator game mode (game mode 3)
  • Added one new achievement
  • Added “Customized” world type
  • Added hidden “Debug Mode” world type
  • Worlds can now have a world barrier
  • Added @e target selector for Command Blocks
  • Added /blockdata command
  • Added /clone command
  • Added /execute command
  • Added /fill command
  • Added /particle command
  • Added /testforblocks command
  • Added /title command
  • Added /trigger command
  • Added /worldborder command
  • Added /stats command
  • Containers can be locked in custom maps by using the “Lock” data tag
  • Added logAdminCommands, showDeathMessages, reducedDebugInfo, sendCommandFeedback, and randomTickSpeed game rules
  • Added three new statistics
  • Player skins can now have double layers across the whole model, and left/right arms/legs can be edited independently
  • Added a new player model with smaller arms, and a new player skin called Alex?
  • Added options for configuring what pieces of the skin that are visible
  • Blocks can now have custom visual variations in the resource packs
  • Minecraft Realms now has an activity chart, so you can see who has been online
  • Minecraft Realms now lets you upload your maps
  • Difficulty setting is saved per world, and can be locked if wanted
  • Enchanting has been redone, now costs lapis lazuli in addition to enchantment levels
  • Villager trading has been rebalanced
  • Anvil repairing has been rebalanced
  • Considerable faster client-side performance
  • Max render distance has been increased to 32 chunks (512 blocks)
  • Adventure mode now prevents you from destroying blocks, unless your items have the CanDestroy data tag
  • Resource packs can now also define the shape of blocks and items, and not just their textures
  • Scoreboards have been given a lot of new features
  • Tweaked the F3 debug screen
  • Block ID numbers (such as 1 for stone), are being replaced by ID names (such as minecraft:stone)
  • Server list has been improved
  • A few minor changes to village and temple generation
  • Mob heads for players now show both skin layers
  • Buttons can now be placed on the ceiling
  • Lots and lots of other changes
  • LOTS AND LOTS of other changes
  • Removed Herobrine

Pre-Release 1:

Changed the killer rabbit skin again


  • New default skin: Alex?
  • New default player model with 3 pixels wide arms
  • There will be a choice to select fat or thin arms on minecraft.net/profile in the future
  • Changing skins now will give you fat arms
  • If you don’t have a custom skin yet, you are randomly assigned Steve or Alex (correct me if I’m wrong)

Fixed some bugs:

  • Fixed thorns not working against some monsters
  • Fixed shears not taking damage when used on wool blocks
  • Fixed the game crashing when attempting to craft fireworks using given dye beyond id 15
  • Fixed being unable to place redstone dust inside tall grass
  • Fixed endermen being able to place cacti in illegal places
  • Fixed chickens not saving their egg lay timer - new tag on chickens: EggLayTime, time in ticks until the chicken lays an egg
  • Fixed snow layers confusing mob AI
  • Fixed baby zombie pigmen not forgiving while adults do
  • Fixed the tab list expanding too far and being unreadable
  • Fixed opening a command block not pausing the game
  • Fixed the cinematic camera keeping momentum after being turned off
  • Fixed dispenser spawning TNT too high
  • Fixed Java not being properly capitalized in splash “Now java 6!”
  • Fixed fullscreen mode displaying the actual game only in much lower resolution in the corner

Pre-Release 2:

Fixed some bugs:

  • Fixed the game crashing when populating a chunk with empty (void) columns
  • Fixed thrown splash potions having the colour of water
  • Fixed inverted daylight sensor not dropping anything when mined
  • Fixed item frames not working outside 524289 x -524288 coordinates
  • Fixed placing redstone dust destroying blocks
  • Fixed skins using the wrong model
  • Fixed being unable to summon Fireball/WitherSkull - Caution: wither skulls will not work as position markers in the future.
  • Fixed a crash when summoning a SmallFireball on mobs

Pre-Release 3:

Fixed some bugs:

  • Fixed the game freezing when moving past the default world border
  • Fixed an item duplication bug using armor stands
  • Fixed being able to duplicate string using tripwires and pistons
  • Fixed creeper attack golem AI taking priority over avoiding cats
  • Fixed creepers attacking golems
  • Fixed the game displaying in the corner at low resolution in fullscreen

To get the pre-release, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “pre-releases” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher.