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Hi, can you please try to summarise Yukiya's fb post or some of his tweets? It is very lengthy so please take your time. They are thoughts related to running a band and behind the scene stuff which are written due to Soan's "incident". I want to understand more and be able to get an idea of what Soan is going thru/ went thru that pushed him to his limits. Thank you. facebook[.]com/yukiya[.]fujita[.]3

Well, so I just made my way through this long Facebook entry (I am so glad that Yukiya is writing very clearly) and skimed through his Twitter a bit.

From his Twitter, it seems like Yukiya talked to Soan for a long time on the phone. He said, Soan (well, actually he mentiones no name, but it should be clear who’s meant) would be mentally completely down, so he’s worried.

In his Facebook entry, Yukiya is comparing old times, from when he started with bands, with the present. 10 years or 20 years back, media such as internet wasn’t a topic. Which made things difficult if you wanted to quickly announce something as a band or want to publish yourself. And for the fans to get information was via magazines once a month, or by going to the concerts.
But nowadays, media like blogs, Twitter etc. are getting bigger and bigger which also brings quite some issues along with it. Though spreading information is now way easier, it is on the other hand even easier to spread false rumors just by clicking on the “retweet” button, which Yukiya greatly criticizes.
Another aspect of the society nowadays is that everything has to be done faster. Bands are producing songs way before publishing, same with merchandise. There is barely any freetime left. You find yourself on your PC, skipping through band related stuff, even though you’re supposed to be relaxing and enjoying your time. The whole situation is putting a great pressure to band members.
Also years back, the band leader played a huge role in the band, discussing every single matter until it’s perfect before making it public, because it just took so much more time and was way more difficult to spread news. It was important to discuss and notice when someone is having issues, feeling supressed or anything. It was all more personal.
Nowadays though, that aspect is more and more fading. Everyone is writing blogs and Tweets, and that’s all. In your entries, you can perfectly control your emotions though, so it becomes way harder to tell how someone really feels.
Yukiya says, since his Junior (Soan) is facing such troubles, it made feelings of loneliness and being seperated bubble up in him again, that’s why he’s sharing his thoughts in such a long entry.

And after that, he’s talking about his own experience and stuff, I will skip that here. (^・ω・^ )

I hope I could help! (Though this summary is quite long itself m(_ _)m  )

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ILOVETHEURL UGH. Gradient’s nice, I mean I always see green but it’s never really the dominant colour if that makes sense? Jesse Eisenberg is life. Their plot’s very tedious, not a must-read, kind of just skimed it ‘cause I got the point already, but it’s a good plot. Just not my type of rp. 15x15 is pretty big if you ask me, but I guess it suits the plot. I just don’t really have much to say, but not really in a good way. Pretty dissapointed that it didn’t really live up to the url. B, it’s just nothing that stands out to me, very bland. Goodluck to them though disney rps don’t usually last long.


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