Imagine person A of your OT3 being an amateur in the kitchen– they can hardly cook anything more complicated than ramen without burning, over/under-cooking, or flat-out ruining it. One day they announce to the rest of the OT3, be they flatmates or roommates or even just friends who live nearby, that they are going to learn to make real food if it kills them.

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Honestly, it’s going to be very hard for LANY to top ILYSB. I mean, I love that song to death. The Los Angeles trio sure give it a run for its money with their latest synthpop song, 4EVER. It brims and overflows with such saccharine, heart warming sentiment and glides weightlessly like honeyed silk. LANY has always been so skilled at creating a deliciously retro 80′s vibe on their tunes, and 4EVER is no different. 4EVER is from LANY’s new EP, I Loved You, out June 9th (pre-order). These guys are fantastic live, and they’re going back on tour this summer. Who’s game?

The Sticky Sweet Ice Cream Ceramics Of Anna Barlow Are Sure To Make You Melt

Artist Anna Barlow creates a kind of dessert that you would never want to eat –ice cream made out of ceramic! Although her work contains the same rich, juicy colors irresistibly drippings as ice cream does; the substance is not actually melting at all. It is constructed with ceramic and porcelain entirely by hand. She not only molds clay into scoops of this dairy treat, but also little cherries, candy hearts, ice cream cones, and even the occasional pillow being engulfed by the seeping dessert. Even more interesting, the artist also makes ceramic shoes that appear to be comprised of ice cream and flavored syrups swirling around the heel.

Barlow’s incredible skill in sculpting these delicious desserts combines with her perfect sense of color and glazing to create a finished piece that looks good enough to eat.  The artist explains that she finds beauty in the drips of oozing ice cream and is fascinated by its natural transformation in shape due to its current state. It may be fluid with colors blending together on a hot day, or frozen into perfect form. The malleable nature of the substance is somewhat similar to clay. It can be manipulated and molded to a certain extent, but, unlike ice cream, clay can be fired into ceramic in order for it to hold a permanent shape. She unites ceramic and porcelain in order to achieve the right texture and coloring to portray these desserts.

“…the dry translucency of high fired porcelain suits the biscuit texture of wafers and ice cream cones, while the colourful liquidity of a silky opaque earthenware glaze is used to capture the quality of dripping ice cream.”

- Anna Barlow

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