Tear the roof off this motherfucker
You ain’t got the umph
You’re a hoof to the foot of an elephant
Hello toots, you look so eloquent
That’s what I tell a cunt
Come sit up front cause you’re kicking my seat
And I’m trying to tell the cashier what I want
They say I act like an asshole
When I pull up at the White Castle
And I ask for an appli-cation
Throw it back in her face and
Tell the bitch I’m a rapper, then I wack her
In the head with a Whopper
That I bought from BK, you expect me to be proper
Bitch you better pop in a CD of me immediately slut, ho
Skidda dee da da
Prada, not a chance
I was thinking about buying you some clothes
But Target’s closed
So I decided to mosey on over to K-Mart but the doors
Was locked, what about some shoes I thought
Great I suppose
So I go to Payless but what’dya know
They didn’t carry a size eight in hoes
Oh, this is ugly boy swag
Putting toe tags on you motherfucking ho bags
What a Trailer Trash pioneer
I am yeah, that’s why I’m here
I don’t got a rhyme book it’s more like a motherfuckin’ diary of diarrhea
Me, Yelawolf and Gangsta Boo came here to show you a thing or two
Bout sign language, middle fingers aimed at you
So we don’t gotta scream at you
Ow, I just bit my bottom lip, it was an accident
I went to go tell em all to go get fucked
But I’m never gonna bite my tongue
Little bitch, throw it up