"Pass the Sketracha" custom 8" Dunny from Sket One!!!


What happens when a bottle of sirracha sits out??? It gets used… and Sket One’s “Sketracha” is no different! Sitting out for almost 2 years, Sket’s previously released 8” custom resin “Sketracha” has been put to good use, and he continues to pay homage to the much loved Sriracha chilli sauce with a brand new edition entitled “Pass the Sketracha”! According to Sket “I wanted to bring all the fans of Sketracha something new, we pulled many samples to pull off this effect and can not be more pleased. Let me introduce you to “Pass the Sketracha” 8” Custom Dunny.” These customs are hand made to order and take a while to produce each… that being said, each one will be different because of how the splattered sauce effect is applied. Sket will be putting these up for sale HERE on September 14th, 2014 at 12am EST and they will be available until 11:59pm PST - 1 day ONLY! After this date there will be no more orders taken, and this Dunny will be gone, just like the first Sketracha, so order when the time is right! Each figure will come signed and included a pair of Wooden Chopsticks, custom resin Sriracha in dish, and a bamboo place mat! Such a cool looking piece and you can add it to your collection for just $475 a pop! http://dlvr.it/6r84G5
“Pass the Sketracha” Hot Chili Sauce Custom 8” Dunny by Sket-One

The Blot is super pumped that Sket One has decided to revisit my favorite piece in his popular Condiment Custom Dunnys Series with an all new version of the Sriracha inspired Sketracha (originally seen here)! The “Pass the Sketracha” 8” Dunny pays tribute to Huy Fong’s iconic Sriracha bottles and everyone’s favorite hot chili sauce. While similar to his previously released Sketracha, these awesome customs feature a translucent resin Dunny head made to look like the bottle is half empty with remnants of sauce still inside. I have no idea how Sket was able to pull off this effect, but it looks freaking amazing! I so need this in my collection!

Each handmade figure will be one of a kind because of how the splattered sauce effect is applied to each piece. The “Pass the Sketracha” features an actual Sriracha cap, features a really amazing glossy finish and comes with a pair of wooden chopsticks, a custom resin Sriracha in dish and a bamboo placemat.
The “Pass the Sketracha” Hot Chili Sauce 8” Custom Dunny by Sket One comes signed by the artist and goes on sale this Sunday, September 14th, at 12am EST for just 24 hours at the Sket One online store for $475. This timed release’s run size will be set by the number of pieces ordered during the ordering window.

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Sket - Pass the Sketracha (9.14)

By Jack Nearly two years since the release of the OG Sketracha Dunny Customs, comes the follow-up ‘Pass the Sketracha’. Rather than a pristine full ‘bottle’pristine full ‘bottle’, this one features a convincing ‘used’ effect. As with his other…

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