Had this idea in my mind since I started watching Gravity Falls.

After seeing Everyone Else post their Amazing Paranormal crossover ideas I figured I’d share mine too.

Dib decides to visit an online friend after hearing about all his crazy adventures and discoveries. 

Dib @ Jhonen Vasquez 

Mandy @ Maxwell Atoms

Dipper @ Alex Hirsch

Just some quick crappy Paranormal Reaper meets Gravity Falls sketches.

The first two are from a little idea I had where if Dipper could find something that would actually wow Mandy then her and Dib would stay and solve a few mysteries with them. I’ll let you guys decide what they’re looking at.

The last sketch is just of Dib being super sweet letting Dipper and Mabel wear his jacket and Glasses.

Dipper’s helping him out with reading whatever’s on the laptop screen because yeah. Practically blind without those glasses, Mabel. He’s gonna need those back…. 

Dib @ Jhonen Vasquez 

Mandy @ Maxwell Atoms

Dipper n Mabel @ Alex Hirsch


Just daydreaming. 

Some fake model sheets for a little fan collection I’m calling RH: The Animated Series. Stay tuned and Please send me a message if there’s a character you’d like to see that I haven’t covered yet.

Could you imagine how kickass it would be if all the companies got together like Who Framed Roger Rabbit and made a show? 

PPG @ Craig McCracken

Dib and Mandy as Mulder and Scully from the X-Files for Halloween because it makes sense.

I could imagine these two spending their Whole Halloween Solving some crazy Mystery. Like they were on their way to a costume party and heard about some town halloween legend on the way there that they just Had to get to the bottom of.

And Dib is Totally wearing a wig