Almost finished my final freelance project before I can have my summer holiday! During said holiday, I will be working on Vol 2 of the Real Monsters as well as other small personal projects. 

Here are some characters I’ve been sketching that you might recognize from a very well known and beloved storybook. Look forward to seeing more of these in a short while!


Drawing in Columbus Park again after visiting the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA). I’ve been before, but man that place is brutal. I had to wash out the bitterness afterwards with some iced coffee and sponge cake from a nearby magical sponge cake closet that I found last summer. 

As an addendum to my last post, here’s a literal wall of text in MOCA detailing why it’s traditionally not very easy to assimilate into American culture, ie. nearly 200 years of systemic, targeted racism against Chinese in America. An abridged version is available on the MOCA site.


Today on "I got multiple questions asking the same thing..":B

Well, the only normal human nearby is me, so that will have to do for this comparison-size chart. And I really don’t know my own height either, so again, these are rough estimates here. 

But this is what I imagine they would be, more or less.

I should point out that BigM is big in general (as he is in the show). Regular pony characters or stallions, like Braeburn, Soarin, Shining Armor, etc., would be a little shorter, maybe close to 6ft. 

Sombra is exceptionally large too, but I figured being a king would mean he would be bigger than normal ponies, just as Celestia and Luna being bigger/taller than others. Plus, in the comic series, Good Sombra is as tall or taller than Celestia, so that sort of backs up the idea that he would be taller than everyone.

I have a feeling I’m gonna have to add in more characters to this chart soon xD (both pony and my own)