“Girl and Gryphon” working title.

Just some sketches from some idea I had 3 or 4 years ago. Still want to work on the main girl’s design, as she still feels somewhat generic and not really unique. (And she does looks a little bit unintentionally like someone from GoT). It’s no excuse to try to make something a little more interesting for her, though! I do want to keep her hair color. She was suppose to be born with magic, since that hair color in her land indicates she might have magic abilities, but she’s not born with it. Trns out that she is a really great fighter to make up for her lack of magical stuff…or something. Her younger sister is born with magic abilities,  but yeah. And there’s a gryphon, a kid with antlers, and a smaller gryphon that can fly but shouldn’t for his wingspan.

Well. That’s all I got.  



AAAAHHHhghghghagdfgfgddy well, this is probably the most embarrassing thing ever. Crappy sketches for fake idea. Some are just random sketch ideas for no reason, and some has to do with some stage play thing their putting on of “Esther” at some school or something. College perhaps?  Haha.

The top pic is Junior’s parents.

(This “ship” will never happen in a million years, and wish her character can return somehow. (Dang you and your hair that was too complex to animate from the early 2000’s!)

Yup. We’re lame. Sorry if this is kind of weird… Honestly never thought we’d draw this so much. Or draw THAT :P

Human!VeggieTales again. 


Mix of pencil and Photoshop for some of these.