Cryptozoic Entertainment’s Superman™: The Legend sketch cards

I never posted these before even though they are about 2 years old. These are some of the cards from the 120 I did for this set. I still like most of them but this is my least favorite set of the ones I’ve done.

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And can you believe someone requested sooper villain Teen Tornado?!
I totally had to look him up on the interwebs to remember what he looked like!

Wait… do you hear that?

That’s the sound of it being too late to get your printlab order before Christmas. But you can still order a print and get a free sketchcard.  It just won’t get shipped out until the week of Dec. 30th!  Offer ends January 1st, 2014 so get… on… it!


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Cryptozoic Entertainment’s Superman™: The Legend sketch cards

These are some of the cards I did for this set that Cryptozoic posted on their FB page, most here are not my particular fav and I can promise I did much better, and A LOT of Power Girls in all her outfits haha. Once they’re released I’ll be able to post more cards. These cards were done last year.

I’m luckily working often with cards and it’s one of my fav jobs so far. This was the first time using copic markers on cards, I’m still learning from it and some card have better quality colors, I hope to do bigger jobs with them, I enjoy watercolor markers a lot. I run out of some copics in mid job and I’ll have to supply me of refills and new markers very soon.


Second set of sketch cards. $5 each.

Iron Man


Captain America


Classic Superman-sold


Batman #3


Green Lantern Hal Jordan


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That’s right!

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As always,

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