"But turn around, oh they’ve surrounded you/ It’s a showdown and nobody comes to save you now/ But you’ve got something they don’t/ Yeah you’ve got something they don’t." Taylor Swift Art Challenge - Eyes Open

the hemlock sketchbook is now up for sale on etsy! £6 +shipping

there will also be a digital pdf version for sale at £2, but because my hard drive had a total failure meltdown just before i left for spx i need to remake the pdf, so that won’t be up for another few days.

i’ve put 30 up for now, there will be ~50 with me at mcm expo in october and the rest will be divided between etsy and thought bubble in november.

The um… markings got a little out of control, methinks. Near the end I let some of them fade out a bit.

Another sketch commission! This time we have Rajah, an orekroark belonging to scarlet-harlequin-sketchbook. Really super cool creatures that I delighted in drawing!  (He seems a wee bit stocky somehow? Some edits are possible, up until the vellum refuses to cooperate with erasers.)

EITHER WAY. A heap of fun!