Sketchavember Day 8

"Magic" with Abigail’s Thomas. :D

I am actually thrilled with the way this one came out. I guess that’s what I get for actually inking the picture, and getting a good even quality of light when I take a photo of it scan it in.

This is a bit OOC for him—he’s not quite this crazy, I think. But in my mind, this would be his very own version of a magic wonderland, hmmm?

Another one of those “I saw it on Tumblr and drew it” drawings.  I tried to do this quick and play with some other brushes.  I really like when people do those scribblely speed paints of landscapes and kind of want to practice that.  This doesn’t look that great to me, but hey, the more I do it, the better I’ll get.  I took about 30 mins to do this.


"Pen and Paper"

This chick is from one of my story ideas that is lurking in my head but I did do a short ficlet with her in it, the second one. She doesn’t have a name yet, but I’m leaning towards Lyra…

Anywho, she’s a sidekick character in a sort of fantasy/magical realism tale, where her childhood friend is a human hero to the faerie people, and she can see the fair folk and whatnot and they love to bug her and blah blah blah

I obviously haven’t developed the story very much =___=;; but I have an idea, ok!

Half-assed colouring, the quality of this “scan” isn’t very good if you can tell. I put up these both cause I wanted the details visible.




lolz, I did a lot of sketching today.  We were supposed to sketch paintings to write a report on.  I also doodled while waiting for the rest of the class to get to the museum.  Then I doodled some other things that were in the museum.  I found a gryphon-y thing in the Indian art area called a vyala.  A quick scan of google shows that this creature doesn’t really have a uniform appearance and can be different combinations of animals.


So, I was informed of this thing called Sketchavember, and while I don’t think I will ‘officially’ participate (especially since it already started), I am going to try to draw something every day.  Shouldn’t be hard considering I have to draw at least 2 days a week in class and I doodle on my notes the other 2 days of class.  (Those notebook doodles would be a last resort unless I really, really like something.)  I just need to be responsible for Friday through Sunday.

So anyway, here’s my drawings.  I’ve got what I did in life drawing class on Tuesday and a random snow leopard/Ruu that I did just now (used some reference, but the expression/angle is pretty much made up).  I’ve done some other doodling today, but I didn’t have anything on the computer, haha.

Working on a dog portrait commission I haven’t worked on in a long time.  I had given up on it and was going to start over since I thought it would take too long to finish.  There’s three dogs and I was going to do them all full body, but I recently figured out I could crop it, haha.

loool, I finished this at 11:59 pm my time.  It was like 11:52 when I realized I hadn’t doodled anything today.  Not like it really matters, I guess, but I did it, yay!

Yawning Nakks because I feel tired and I’m going to bed now.

lol, idk, did this just now.  My Togorian characters’ heads floating in space with what is supposed to be two suns in the background. (Let’s abuse random brushes that make dots!)  I was listening to this song. (Which has an awesome video too!)  I was gone this weekend and I was too lazy to scan my doodles from yesterday.  I’ll try to get to it tomorrow.