Tokyo Ghoul x Soul Eater AU idea I’ve been talking about on Twitter all day. Spoiler warning if you haven’t watched / read TG, I guess!

CCG turns the Ghouls they capture / kill into quinque, like always, but the difference is that the weapons work like Weapons in Soul Eater! The Ghouls become Weapons, and Doves wield them as Meisters. 

So in this AU, Yamori would be turned into a Death Scythe, which is given to Juuzou to wield as he was the one who ‘brought him down’. Yamori and Juuzou have a zero percent synchronization rate because YEAH RIGHT Yamori’s gonna work together with some brat Dove. CCG have a way of keeping the ghouls in a comatose-state so they cannot resist the Meisters, which means there is no synchronization between Doves and Ghouls and the pair’s combat ability is purely based on how well the Dove can fight on their own, with no added help from a willing Weapon partner.

Instead of devouring souls, Yamori cannibalizes the ghouls Juuzou defeats. It increases his own ability and power (as ghouls eating ghouls does), as well as prevents CCG from creating quinque out of them.

End game is that Naki somehow gets Yamori away from Juuzou and they partner up and everything is better the end!!!!


I got to hang out with aomap, theartofwazzing, and thealicechan this weekend!

We watched a lot of cartoons, aomap made some super delicious eats, and we also played with her ferrets. My sketches of them are probably all wrong because they pretty much never stop moving! haha. Anyway, these are some of the sketches I did while hangin out with those lovely ladies! 

AU where Levi and Eren are college roommates.

Eren must live with a grump who has an insatiable hunger for Honey Nut Cheerios. The poor boy goes through the struggle of opening the pantry everyday and finding boxes upon boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios. During breakfast, the Honey Nut Cheerios fanatic named Levi feasts on his treasure stash. Levi will never allow his treasure stash to dwindle; he visits the supermarket and hoards back Honey Nut Cheerios to replenish his happiness.

As Eren sleeps, the Honey Nut Cheerios haunt his dreams.