the return of shire

it had been quite some time since shire had left the pony world but he hadn’t been doing nothing oh no, instead he had gone to meny which doctors.

the money was easy to come by thanks to shire’s basic powers as in earth pony powers he was able to find a tin and a sign painted it saying “shire rides £3 per trip around the field”

ppl came he was on the local news kids loved him but once he had ebough he shipped himself around the world(s) meeting meny other things.

soon though one which doctor had a cure or more a way to get back into the pony world, a poition that would make shire a pony but only a pony skellton, he nodded and drank the drink.

then he returned the blue arua around the pony world buzzed, shire wanted to make sure that which doctor was telling the truth he put his hoof into the blue arua and then waited…….no pain.

normall when shire put a body part in there it would hurt like crazy but now it didn’t, instead it felt normal.

walking in more shire’s once nice body turn again into pony form then into bones, but living bones.

shire aws now in the pony world, he smiled though you couldn’t see it his face said it all, his black void eyes stared into the night sky, he then walked rattling like bones should when not attached to muscle fat or flesh.

shire only had one thing on his mind,