It was about time re-doing this one. It’s been some time since I did my last one. While some of those influences are still going strong, I felt my last meme was about ALL of the things influencing my art. This time I wanted to do a strictly art themed one. Plus my influences has changed together with my style and aging. The old one can still be found here. I seem to have deleted it from my dA, oh well.

1. The Lovely Queans/Cusd - I have been a fan of her art for as long as I can recall. The way she colors and draws women are just magical! I’ve always envied her skills, but she’s also a huge inspiration. Lately she’s taken a new turn with her art and I can’t wait to see what she does from here.

2. Ani-r is such an amazing artist. I have followed her since she used to do lots of Silent Hill related/inspired art. Over the years she went from drawing gory Pyramid Heads to mind blowing environments. How she’s able to handle light and color never seizes to amaze me. She’s also updating weekly with her apocalyptic story.

3. There’s anime-influenced art, and then there’s Barachan’s art! Even tho it resembles anime, it’s still unique and her own and so, so beautiful. All the colors and sparkly themes. Her bold lines are a huge bonus.

4. What Ani-r’s able to do with environments and backrounds, Nesskain does with the humans he draw. The insane use of light, the mixed rainbow of colors and the anatomy skills of a god, has all gathered in his talent tree. Just the way he manages the atmosphere under water is beyond this world. I never tire of seeing his bearded, handsome men.

5. Skelliotrope isn’t just an influence on my art, she also happens to be a good friend of mine. I’ve been lucky enough to see her evolve up close, and I hope I’ll be allowed to follow it even further. I just love how she manages to make digital art look traditional and how shapely her figures are. Her imagination is also wicked!

6. Ever since I tried to take my art in a new direction, I’ve hungered for the water color look. And my fav water color artist has to be Tir-ri. The way she controls the medium is amazing. She also loves Moomin, and what’s not to like about that?

7. Speaking of traditional art blended with digital. Gillian Grossman a.k.a. gg-art is a master at that. She’s a magician when it comes to overhauling her already amazing traditional pieces, giving them the final digital touch.

8. James Jean has been my muse for ages now, so even tho I had him in my last influence meme, he still deserves a spot. Not much is needed to be said about this guy - he’s just a pure genius. Look him up, seriously.

9. Agent-Dax is someone I came across more recently, but I wish I had found her sooner. I’m so dead drop jealous of the way she handles anatomy in such a cartoony, yet brilliant manner. All the different facial expressions and not to mention her perfect, little noses! Plus, if you’re a huge fan of Dishonored, you’re in for a treat.

10. I’m sure a lot of you have seen Amélie Fléchais' work around, or that you already follow her. If not, do so right now! You'll not regret it. Her illustrations are gorgeous and perfect for books! I never tire of seeing her cute, little wolf either.

11. Last, but not least, we have Bisparulz. This is another artist I found recently, but I fell head over heals for his work. It’s so original and unique and his use of colors are perfect. Plus, a lot of fan art bonuses.

So there it is, my fan-gasm list. I’m sure there’s tons more peeps I could push in here and the list would never end. But these are the top guys I tend to think about when I think about art muses and inspirations. I’m sure there’s a lot of poor grammar and spelling mistakes, sorry about that. I’ll upload it on dA as well for a larger image.