"Contract negotiation season, with the Station Management."

Ive seen so many versions of the Station Management from WTNV, I thought I could give it a go and do my own take. This was extremely fun to do and yes, SM has little work pants on its back spider legs.

"Here’s something odd: there is a cat hovering in the men’s bathroom at the radio station here. He seems perfectly happy and healthy, but it’s floating four feet off the ground next to the sink."

My version of Khoshekh from Welcome to Night Vale. I totally didn’t get inspiration from Espeon, totally didn’t get the tail from Espeon. Ive always found hair less cats to be a bit weird yet fascinating to look at with their wrinkled skin, so I thought a hair less cat would fit perfectly in Night Vale. 

Those damn paws were brutal to draw, I couldnt get the toes the way I wanted them, but I got them to a point where I content with them.


A fan animation intro to ‘Welcome to Night Vale’ using the intro track from ‘The Shape in Grove Park’.

This was so fun to do and only took me three days to complete.

Music is by Disparition and is called “A Ballad of Fiedler and Mundt”

"A song of sadness and woe"

Let me play you a song of sadness and woe.
Life has determined that I be an instrument of beauty and hidden sorrow.
My wrists belong to life, they are the four strings of life’s violin.
Cruelty, a trait life is too familiar with, has given myself the bow.
So allow me to play you a song of sadness and woe, one where I play my life’s story whilst in agony.
Though the song is short and will end quick, Ill smile through the tears, the battered bruises, and my fears.
For an instrument like myself is quite easily replaced, not everything ends in warm rain and dew drops.
Life is cruel and as its instrument, Im here to say, dont let life get in your way, as it did with my severed strings.
For it all ends in foul play.
If you dont take control, there will only be clouds of sorrow.
For it all ends, in the song of sadness and woe.

Vent piece based off of a poem of mine

DeviantArt version X

So Im finally trying to work harder on my Emilie Autumn piece so i thought I could show some detail shots so far

What I have so far without my rough layer being shown

Hair and mask detail shot

Some plague rat shots