Katherine (Kitty) Pryde | Shadowcat | 16 | Deerfield, Illinois | Bisexual || OPEN

  • Was enticed to run away & enroll after a visit with her and her parents from Professor X, Wolverine and Storm
  • Generally well-liked by others at the Institute; highly skilled in technology & often gravitates to Professor Sage
  • Strongly believes in the Institute but has friends amongst the Morlocks
  • Abilities: “Phasing” (able to pass herself and up to 6 others through solid objects, animate or inanimate); at times is immune to telepathic invasions
  • Weaknesses: Cannot always control when she is unaffected by telepathy; phasing through incredibly dense and/or dangerous objects can be harmful to her afterward

FC: Jade Thompson

Transformed into a place of higher learning, the Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters was founded by mutants, for mutants. Ideals around the nation and the world regarding our kind of human may vary, but we at the Institute encourage acceptance of all peoples and assist mutants who seek strength in their abilities—physical, mental, social and of course, academic

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DH: After we finished D&E tour, we wanted to show something new to everyone. Rock, ballad…we thought of everything but the company said no to ballad 
EH: yeah…no to ballad…..

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