skeleton power

This is my favorite gif ever

dough broughs (based off this vine)

…oh, hey. 83 Planning for that comic activity in the group suddenly came along GREAT today (I know exactly what I’m going to do with it, I think! 8D), and I don’t have much of an idea why…

…Maybe because I spent the whole day resting, recovering… just, kicking back. No pressure to do ANYTHING, and I just.. had to let myself take a day to recover. I *had* to, I would’ve gone insane with stress… ;;;;;

…well. Now it’s 3:30am, but staying awake to message people and check that my ideas are IC for their characters, and FINALLY realizing I can totally do this and it doesn’t have to be a spectacular amazing page… I have my plans and ideas down and all I’ll need to do is confirm for characterization, then draw it out. X3 Six panels, that’s all I am required to do… and they’ll be in a forest, with only two characters, and I’ll be drawing trees, and maybe fire… two of my favorite things to draw.

I’ve got this.. and staying up his late was so, so worth it.~<3