Chinese contemporary artist Li Hongbo (previously featured here) has turned his attention from paper to metal with Shadow of Knives,a new series of awesome silhouette sculptures created using butcher knives. Currently on display at Contemporary by Angela Li in Hong Kong, these delicate pieces have been carefully cut from knives creating silhouettes that rise from the face of the blade along with a complementary negative image left inside the blade itself.

Hongbo says the pieces are meant as a warning, that “human beings will eventually destroy themselves because of their gluttony and their abuse of animals.”

Click here to view more pieces from this striking series.

[via Junkculture and Colossal]

"You’re not gonna fool me like that. What kind of monster stands and fights like a man?

There’s still something human inside of you. When I find it, I’m going to bring you and her back together again!”


One of the rare moments where Hero willingly chooses to live up to his name. 

I’m gonna draw a better version of this, but I might as well put the scrapped sketch here