MEGA DUB MONSTER - Skeetones - General Sherman (DWB Remix)

I just found one of the filthiest dubstep tracks I’ve ever heard in my life, and you need to listen to it. Stop reading. Press play.


With tracks like this along with some extra dirty originals by people like Torus, I think this calls for a new, filthiest of filthy dubstep playlist with only the most ridiculous releases included. I’ll get working on that.

And if you were wondering…there’s not much info on DWB besides his SoundCloud. He definitely makes plenty of noise with his music though, so we will keep following him!


I’m not typically a fan of electronic music, but these folks definitely caught my attention at Hoodilidoo. 

Watch on

Treat your ears right. Listen to this album.


 Skeetones- leven Hundred

Saw them this weekend at Mac’s Bar with Freddy Todd and my boy, GRiZ, They were so fuckin’ dope.