Yo, she wanna shop with Jay
Play-box with Jay
She wanna pillowfight in the middle of the night
She wanna drive my Benz with five of her friends
She wanna creep past the block, spyin’ again
She wanna roll witt Jay, chase skeeos away
She wanna fight with lame chicks, blow my day
She wanna respect the rest, kick me to the curb
If she find one strand a hair longer than hers
She want love in the Jacuzzi
Rub up in the movies
Access to the old crib, keys to the newbie
She wanna answer the phone, tatoo her arm
That’s when I gotta send her back to her mom
She call me Heartbreaker
When we apart it makes her
Wanna piece of paper, scribble down “I hate ya”
But she know she love Jay because
She love everything Jay say, Jay does