Beautiful short vid by carolspooky. LOVE THE SONG!

Who’s ready for the rewatch of Irresistible? I plan on watching tonight.

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In the Middle of Somewhere--An Oliver/Felicity Fic Chapter 1: Diggle

Hey guys! I found my muse. It’s a little damaged and so it doesn’t work so well. Being that as it is, this post is 21 days late. I’m sorry. So so sorry. I’m going to try to make it a goal to update every Wednesday. Try. Very hard. I might need help reminding me to work on it. I am working two jobs though…

Anyways! This is the long awaited follow up to my fic At the Edge of Nowhere . This picks up right after it ends so I highly encourage you to hop over and read it.

This is a multi chapter –heaven help me– and I’m planning to have it done before Season 4 premiers. We’ll see.

Enjoy! Thanks for reading!

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Summary: Three days ago, Felicity Smoak ran away from home. She meets Oliver Queen, a man who knows her secret. Oliver Queen is man who has just returned from war and is suffering from many different kinds of pain. Together, they set out to fix their lives. However, both of their pasts catch up to them and the find out that maybe their lives are more entwined than they thought.AU. Continuation of At the Edge of Nowhere. Reading that first is highly encouraged.

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It took them two days to catch up with her.

Felicity was surprised that the time was so short. She had been certain that with all her crazy precautions that it would take her mother at least a week, hopefully longer, to find her.

Felicity should have known going to Starling City had been the fatal flaw.

Pressed close up against Oliver’s back, she felt the warmth of his body leek into her, filling her up with a strange comfort. She felt safe for the first time since leaving Las Vegas, the slight fear of the unknown plaguing her constantly until she had met Oliver. She trusted him for reasons still yet unexplained.

These facts frightened her though. Felicity was on a motorcycle with a billionaire who so happened to be not only her boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s son, but was apparently her half-sister (the one she found out about two hours ago) half-brother. She had met Oliver in a truck stop of all places and now was putting her entire life in his hands to take her to a place she had never been. All he had offered her was promises. Felicity knew so little about him that she didn’t know if he could be faithful to these promises.

Felicity didn’t even know where they were going at 1 am in the morning.

However, she had made her decision to trust the mysterious acquaintance- one she had kissed twice, she reminded herself—and put her existence in what seemed like very capable hands.

Felicity’s mind would not shut up though. It started running through all the reasons to not trust Oliver even though her gut and her heart said otherwise. Her soul had recognized a similar one and had bonded, forged a link that she was only beginning to discover.

Her head screamed caution! With blinking lights and a scrolling marquee. Oliver had just come back from war, instincts carved into his habits. Most, if not all, soldiers suffer from PTSD. Oliver was not an exception. Who knows what he would do to her if he had a flashback, or reacted to a strange noise. If Felicity wasn’t careful she could end up hurt.

Or worse.

But for now, he was the only constant appearing in her life. A relation of a strange sort. He knew her, by name. Knew of her story, knew what made her tick. He seemed to care about her in the exact way Felicity was starting to care about him. Slowly, but very steadily.

Firmly, she threw up a mental block on her fear and doubts. She knew that the exhaustion created openings to allow the misgivings to seep through. Scary things cast shadows at night. In the daylight, everything was different. Truth becomes clear and doubt scuttles back to the corners.

She decided she needed rest before she would come to any clear cut decisions.

For right now, she basked in the warmth of another human being.

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Chasing Sunsets

Okay this is quite possibly going to become a hiatus long series that follows Oliver and Felicity along their road trip. But for now, enjoy in the post sunset and Porsche bliss.

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Oliver couldn’t help but hold Felicity’s hand as he drove. There was just a desperate need to touch her, and not necessarily in a sexual way, either, though that was sure to come later. He needed to know she was there. She was his and he was hers and that was more than enough.

Felicity grinned at him, leaning into his touch as he ran his fingers through her hair. 

“You’re gonna end up crashing the car if you can’t keep your eyes on the road,” she said playfully. 

Oliver shrugged. “I can’t help it. I’ve got the most beautiful girl in the world at my side running away with me. I’m no longer the Arrow. For the first time in years, Felicity, I’m free.”

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GIMME A DRUNK!MELISSA OLICITY SMUT DRABBLE! Bonus for Road Trip, Double Bonus for Birthday Sex!

Dude, it is past midnight and I’m sobering up.  Buuuuut  … 

Felicity gasped as Oliver thrust once more into her, his thick cock filling her up in ways that she had never experienced before.  Not even when they were in Nanda Parbat and they thought it was their only night together had it been like this. 

Because there was a desperation in each of them, to reach their climaxes, yet at the same time … they had a thousand more climaxes, at least, in their futures.  There was no way she would ever let Oliver go without a fight.  She had learned an important lesson in the last year: love was worth fighting for.  

“Ooooooh, Oliver,” she said, holding on to his shoulders tightly.  “It’s your birthday …”

“You woke me up with a blow job,” he said, panting as he kept pounding her.  “And now I want to make my girlfriend, my partner, my other half, scream my name.” 

He did something with his hips that made Felicity want to jump off a cliff and see what it was like to fall.  And she hated heights.

Yet something in Oliver made her willing to fall.  

“Yes,” she said between gritted teeth, rocked so much by pleasure that she didn’t know what to do.  “Oliver …”

 He beamed at her, his smile bright and alive and so damn happy even as he slammed into her, that Felicity couldn’t do anything but hold on.  Hold on and say his name, the volume increasing with each roll of his hips, with each thrust that buried his cock deeper inside her, with each brush against her clit.  And then, finally finally finally, the pressure was just right and he knew she was there and he smiled at her, his special happy!Felicity smile, and she just–


You know that hour right before Arrow starts.

That hour you’re jumping around doing nothing because you’re too hyper to sit still. Your mind can’t focus on anything and you sit in between wanting to do something and wanting to do nothing.

Well, how about you watch The Premier, 3x01, instead?

jbuffyangel has these awesome metas about how the Season Finale is connected, paralleled, to the Season Premier. It seems to me that we could be wasting our time doing nothing, or… we could be analyzing the season premier to death and making immediate connections between the two. 

On Board? 

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do you know any good fan fiction writers?

oh boy! I do! but the fiction writers I know are fiction writers that wrote for season 1 and 2. I haven’t really read any season 3 fics so I don’t know any new fiction writers that just started writing for the fandom. My personal faves are:


I feel like i’m missing so many people. Like I said, I haven’t read any season 3 fics (season 3 isn’t my fave and I didn’t like olicity’s story arc very much tbh, thank god for the finale though cause post 3x23 fics will be AWESOME) so i stick to my season 2 fics and fics that give me Season 2 feels.

Burnt toast and watery eggs

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Felicity woke up that morning to an empty bed and the smell of something burning in the kitchen. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. It was Mother’s Day, and she was definitely not going to go into the kitchen to fix things. 

She rolled over slowly to look at the clock. Oliver must have turned the alarm off; it was now nearly ten on a Sunday morning. Wow. That was a nice surprise. No one had woken her up.

Oh yes, Felicity was one lucky woman today.

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My dearest Olicity Fans…I can’t believe I will miss the finale tomorrow!! Can’t believe it!! I will be on a across-pacific flight and won’t be able to stream it for at least two days…yesss :( :( –“the Struggle is Real”!

Anyways it been one hell of a season and one hell of a ride! This was my go all out - drink up and wild out song a while back…am sure the fandom will wild out tomorrow, so it seemed appropriate to dedicate it to you! 

I hope we break the internet tomorrow!!

First round of shots on me to few blogs I have frequented this past season: :

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There so many more blog I should add to the list but packing awaits me…:)

The one thing I hope we find out this week is what Oliver’s tattoo on his stomache means. Its either in japanse or chinese. I really hope that they remember to put it in in the flashbacks. Little things are important to me.

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Felicity's reaction to Oliver hanging up the hood "for good"

“Wait, you’re leaving it? All of it? Everything you’ve done for the past three years?”

Felicity was shocked. She couldn’t decide if it was a bad shock or a good shock. She was just shocked. 

This was so unlike Oliver.

But the more she thought about it, it was just like him.

Oliver rarely, if ever did things half-way. He is an all or nothing kind of man. Except when it came to them. There was one way to deal out justice in the beginning, there was one way to Oliver’s team, there is one way for the mission to end.

To him, there is only one way.

For her, there are many ways. Her time at MIT taught her this. Just like there is more than one way to solve a math problem the same applies to the hard decisions of life. 

There is another way.

So she told him that, almost two years ago. And strangely enough, Oliver listened to her. He almost always listened to her. 

Four months ago, Felicity had begged Oliver, when he was leaving to go face Ra’s, the same conversation when he had first told her he loved her– and really meant it– to kill Ra’s Al Ghul. To break his vow to Tommy’s memory and take a life of an evil man.

Tonight he fulfilled this promise to her. 

But now he’s hanging up the Hood. 

For her. 

“I know. I’ve been the Arrow for so long, this weapon that I am, that I couldn’t see past it. But I can’t be the Arrow. The Arrow died when Roy left. I can’t be anyone anymore. What I can be, Felicity, is something new. And if you want, you can help me.”

“Of course, I’ll do anything with you. I love you. But are you sure? You really sure?”

Oliver shook his head, his hands coming to clasp hers. 

“All I know is I want to be with you. I’m tied of pushing you away and denying myself happiness. That is what you deserve, and I want to be that person. If that means giving up being a hero, then oh well. That is a sacrifice I’ll be happy to make.”

Felicity smiled and leaned her head against his shoulder. “Anything.”

Send me a prompt and I’ll write more.

Rewatching Arrrow (of course) and I was stuck by these odd writings on this rock. It doesn’t look like a compass, it looks like different characters rather than phonetic. 

Here are more zoomed in. One is turned on it’s side for better viewage. 

Can anyone tell me what it is? 

I’m almost wondering if it isn’t archery calculations for the proper distance and the best place to put the bonfire so it can be seen and so that he can hit it. Or am I imagining things?

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