Behind Curren Caples’ Skateboard Mag Cover

More unseen angles from Anthony Acosta of Curren’s 22 stair feeble cover.

“…I was so scared to try it. I was crapping my pants. It was funny because that was the first day that I actually put together my pro Flip board and Acosta was like, “Dude! Look at your board! You gotta do it!””

- Curren Caples


Ryan Lay / Wallride (2 angles) / Angels Landing, Utah / 2014

        Ryan and I were on a Coala Tree trip to Utah and we ended the trip by hiking the infamous Angels Landing hike at Zion National Park. I only say infamous because I am not much of a hiker and before going, all I heard about was how many people have died falling from cliffs on this hike. Six people in the last Ten years to be exact, which averages to about 0.6 people a year, but I prefer the annual death rate of most my hikes to be under the 0.2 mark. Naturally after making it to the top we thought it would be a good idea to grab his board and get a photo at a particular skate-able slab of rock. We got caught by a park ranger who claimed we would be arrested when we got to the base of the mountain, but it turns out he was bluffing, or maybe his buddies were too busy busting cartoon bears stealing pic-a-nic baskets.