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New Mighty no. 9 trailer, beta ⊟

If you’re a backer of the Mighty no. 9 Kickstarter at a high enough tier, you’re eligible for a beta code. It’s PC only… 

But! Mighty Gunvolt isn’t PC-only, and all Mighty no. 9 backers will also get a code for that this week! They’re for 3DS, of course, and currently only North American codes are going out.

Anyway, we can all look at this trailer, and the game seems to be coming along really nicely. It looks like something that would definitely be my jam.

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Like do you realize all the obstacles the writers wrote to prevent John and Sherlock from being romantically involved like:

  • Sherlock saying he’s a sociopath and John (more or less) believing him
  • Sherlock trying to convince himself (and John) that he’s uninterested in romantic relationships
  • Sherlock not having had his sexual epiphany before tsot
  • Sherlock thinking John is heterosexual
  • John trying to convince Sherlock he’s heterosexual
  • John marrying someone else because he thinks Sherlock is emotionally unavailable 
  • John believing Sherlock is heterosexual 
  • John believing Sherlock simply isn’t interested in him
  • John maybe believing Sherlock has a thing for Mary ???

ALL those obstacles because it’s so obvious to the writers that John and Sherlock are in love and meant to be together that if not for those they would literally have had sex the first day they met and would have spent the rest of their lives together in their own happily ever after 

Elsa's Respite
  • Elsa's Respite

Elsa understands that there’s a lot of work to be done. But when you feel overwhelmed, it’s ok to take some time to have fun.

And if you’re feeling blue, Anna’s got a pep talk for you!