Three Rounds - Nate Maloley- Smut Imagine (Part 1.)

I need a cold shower. 
This shiiiiiit is long af. Per usual. Soooo, as you can imagine its a 2 parter. Im sorry! Im posting both parts tonight though! So don’t fear! 


"Oh-Oh god. That’s it, Nate! P-pl-pleeease!  Harder! HARDER!" I scream his name as he forces his way into me.  Back out.  Back in.  Our skin smacking together and slick with sweat. My back arches off the bed as his arms snake around my waist. His thrusts constant and dominant.  The moans spilling from my mouth repetitively.  Nate throws his head back in anguish as his adams apple makes itself available for kisses.  It moves each time he powers his massive erection into you again and again swallowing deeply. I squeeze my eyes closed.  "Ohh FUCK! MORE! MOOOORE!" My back arches off the bed one more time. Sweat engulfing the back of my shirt. I snap my eyes open.  I’m alone.  My alarm going insane next to my bedside. "It was a fucking dream." I sighed to myself, still breathing heavily. I gather my thoughts as I try to take my mind off the steamy dream. 

They seem to get worse and worse.  More like a fantasy.  A need.  A burning passion.  I ran a hand through my messy bedhead as I try to regain composure. I don’t even know where to begin. Nate Maloley. Nate has been the source of agony for two years now.  Hes my boxing instructor.  We went to high school together.  He was captain of the wrestling team senior year and his dad owned the local gym here in town.  He had been my coach for the past two years. He was perfect.  From his facial hair stubble to his tattoos, everything about him made me weak. Made me…wet. There was only one problem.  His obnoxious girlfriend, Lexie. She didn’t deserve him. She was a user. He fell for it every time. It hadn’t been until recently that Id began having painful dreams about him.  Waking up in a cold sweat, and burning desire in my core. 

I get up and head to the bathroom for a shower.  I stop for a quick glance in the mirror. “Jesus, Emily.  You look like shit.” I talk to myself, acknowledging my messy hair and over sized tee.  Sweat causing the fly away to stick to the side on my face. I run my hands through the cool water of the shower head letting the beads trickle across my hands, before stepping into the water.  I tip my head back into the water, and imagine the previous events from my earlier dream, causing my heart to race again. I let the water hit my face, waking me up.  I finish my shower and wrap a towel tightly around my torso, turning on some music on my dock. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis starts to play as I finish getting dressed and brushing my teeth.  The music stops as my phone begins to buzz.  It was a missed call from Nate. Followed by a text. 


Well, I wasn’t entirely prepared for a workout today, but who was I to say no to him? It was impossible.

 ”Hey Emily, want to help me rob a bank and set all of the animals in the local zoo, free?” 

"Oh sure, Nate. Anything for you."

I spent the next few hours practicing, some of the moves he taught me last week. I wanted him to see improvement.  I pulled my hair back into a katniss braid, grabbed my duffle and headed out the door. The drive to the gym was spent listening to metal.  Trying to get myself in workout mode.  I pull up to the gym. Nate isn’t here yet.  I contemplated leaving until he pulled in.  I didn’t want to look too eager. Before I could analyze the situation in my mind, I heard him pull up next to me in his truck.  I sat there watching him for a moment before getting out, appreciating his muscular torso as he grabbed the bag from his passenger side door.  He ran his hands through his hair before our eyes locked.God, what Id give to run my hands through that perfect mess of hair.  He gave me his gorgeous smile, that could end wars and make babies laugh.  ”Hey Em! Are you ready to get going? I told you I wasn’t going easy on you today!” He joked and nudged me with his elbow. “I think I can handle it!”  I playfully punched his arm as he unlocked a side door into the massive building. “Ladies first.” He held out his arm for you to enter the building. “Why thank you, sir.” I met his gaze as I entered the open area. I noticed the dark circles under his eyes.  Still glossy.  Almost as if he had been crying.  That wasn’t my place to ask about so I ignored it.  Maybe he was just tired.  We each placed our items into different corners of the large room.  ”Care to help me with this bag, miss?” We entered a storage room to grab our equipment. He was quieter than usual. We set up a bag in the middle of the ring.  ”Come here, lets tape your knuckles.” He reached for my hands to which I happily obliged.  ”We don’t want you busting them up.” He was gentle. He caressed my hands lightly, not to hurt me or make it too tight. I helped Nate wrap his tightly, before we stepped into the ring. He used his remote console to blast music. “I can see the signs, the way you move that ass around. It aint’ nothin’ to a king, that’s why you see me wearing a crown.”  The music was intense. “This is awesome.  Who is this?!” I was moving my head to the beat.  He instantly lit up. “Just some friends.” He gave me a mischievous smile.

"Alright.  We are working on your right hook. Practice the proper stance before hitting the bag.” He stood behind me and moved my hips closer to his.  His hands never leaving my waist. “Stand on the balls of your feet; do not stand flat-footed.” He used his legs to gently spread my legs a bit farther apart. “Good girl. Now, keep your knees bent so you are easily mobile and you have a lower center of gravity. Keep your hands in front of your face with your fists clenched and turned inward.” He moved his hands to mine, positioning them where they should be for a proper hit. “Alright, now follow my lead.” I nodded in response. “Hit 1.” We punched once. “Hit. 2.” Left side hook. “Awesome! Now try it on your own, Em.”  I don’t understand how he expects to keep this session in focus, the way he does things.  The constant critique.  Touching.  Not that I had a problem with it of course. “Alright, now lets try it on the larger bag.  I’m going to show you a few moves.  Spot the bag for me!” I stood behind the hanging bag entered in the ring and he lightly began to swing at it.  We do this for a warm up, but hes not normally this aggressive with it. Hes throwing his punches at the bag fiercely. His breathing heavy.  He stops for a minute, to pull his shirt over his head. Jesus Christ.  His body.  His perfect body. Glistening with the sweat of his workout. “shit.” I mumbled to myself. His eyes shot up to me. “What did you say?” My stomach dropped. “Oh, I - I said sait.  I have a hang nail.” He chuckled lightly before working at the bag again. His swings still strong.  It was almost as if they were getting stronger.  It became more difficult to hold the bag. “Nate, tone it down a little .  I don’t know if ill be able to hold it much more!” He kept punching.  Harder and Harder. “Nate!” He went crazy hitting the bag.  Almost throwing me back. “NATE! Chill!” I had to practically yell at him. He immediately stopped.  Panting for air.  His face completely flushed.  He collapsed to his knees and began to quietly sob.  I stood in shock for a moment before I moved.  I wasn’t sure if it was okay to console him or not.  I collapse in the floor across from him and pull his hands from his face.  The tears falling immensely. “Hey. Babe.  Breathe.  Its okay.” I tried to calm him down. He looked up at me with tear stained eyes.
“I- Im sorry.  You can leave.” 
"No way! You can talk to me. You know that, right?" 
He sniffled and wiped his eyes before speaking.
"She cheated on me." 
My worry turned into anger. This bitch broke his heart?!
"Oh Nate.  I’m so sorry." I pull him into a hug, lightly stroking his back. 
"I just don’t understand, emily.  I gave her everything.  She would rather fuck my best friends.  What am I doing wrong?" 
what is he doing wrong? honestly? Hearing those words leave his mouth broke me down. “No - No, Nate youre wonderful. You will find someone who cares for you the way you care for her. I promise you.  You deserve happiness, and I can assure you.  That relationship…that wasn’t it.” I wiped tears from his eyes. “You really think that?” He was shocked at my outburst.  Believe me, so was I. “I do.”  He stared at me for a second, biting his bottom lip before smashing his against mine. The passion overwhelming and just as incredible as I could have imagined.


Im sorry there isn’t any real smut in part one.  I get carried away with detail and the story gets 18 pages long. Lol.

If you like it, let me know so I know if I should continue with part two! <3 


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