On 21 December, 1963, the Doctor and his companions stepped from the TARDIS to explore the first alien world featured on Doctor Who. The planet was Skaro, home of the Daleks and at the close of that evening’s episode we got our very first glimpse of the Doctor’s future foes as one approached schoolteacher Barbara Wright. She screamed and that scary moment is said to have sent children scurrying behind the sofa… Half a century later the malevolent mutants remain scary but celebrated – still menacing innocent humans and locked in a series of bitter battles with the Doctor. They continue to be his perfect nemesis and despite our familiarity with the Daleks, they thankfully retain the power to send us looking for refuge behind the sofa!

I just about died when I realized that Eleven sees Skaro through Nine’s eyes in the Aslylum of the Daleks prequel.  Thanks to spoilersandhandcuffs for the link.

OK, at the prompting of several thoughtful Whovians (shh-I’m-wondering, ravenskyewalker and justice-turtle), I looked again and yeah, it probably is Matt, but it SHOULD have been Nine, so in my headcanon, it is.

Btw, can I just say that based on what I’ve seen on other blogs, Whovians are the nicest people, even when disagreeing with you? Lord help me if I’d made a mistake like this in another fandom that, for my own safety, will go unnamed.