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I totally agree with you on the teen wolf monster thing. It is stated many times (especially season 1) that being a werewolf comes with bloodlust and the need to hurt people including people who you love. It would be very unfitting to make a werewolf sexy. Its just my opinion but i think we're supposed to be scared by their appearance and not romanticize a monster. But thats just me... so yea

Thank you. Yeah, and as far as ‘bad CGI’ goes, sure it’s cheesy sometimes, but I’ve definitely seen worse and it doesn’t bother me at all. 

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What was the hardest part of becoming a werewolf?

I would say becoming one is the easiest part, it’s everything after that that presents the challenge. I think just fighting the full moon and controlling the transformation was the hardest. Obviously staying alive since then has been a bit of a bitch, but learning to control it at first was definitely hardest. 

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boohoo unpopular girl with 1 actor friend. oooh she wants to go to college! whoops no big boobs lady won't let her. ooh anon boy with same interest... OH NO JEALOUS GIRLFRIEND SHIT! white dress and masks ooooo gotto find her! omg POPULAAAR BOY NO WAT? happi 5ever after going to college 2gethr


Describe a movie really badly in my ask and I’ll try and guess what movie you’re talking about

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I followed Kiifuu

Okay :D (sorry this is late i was at a wedding)
Go Follow Mary! And to Be Honest i love their blog.

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Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself then pass this on to your 10 favorite followers!

OOC: Another one of these… Just FYI: whenever I get one of these, it’ll be done OOC, in case you didn’t already know that.

  1. I burned myself on a pen once (Yes, you read that right. And yes, I mean the kind that you write with.)
  2. “The Soul Consortium” by Simon West-Bulford is my favorite book in the history of ever.
  3. Currently, the most played song in my iTunes library is “Bruises" by Train.
  4. My calender is still on July
  5. My favorite season is fall.