I have loved this winter

I know the weather and snow seems miserable. I know the kid being out of school is frustrating. But it’s felt like the winter gods and goddesses have come into some kind of power this winter. Holda and Ullr came to mind first then as the bitter cold moved in Skadi. I think a winter like this is good once in a while but I am sure that’s just me. I like to think it’s because these gods have gotten extra energy from followers. Don’t know but I am glad it’s happened though.

anonymous asked:

Working through the Norse Pantheon to see who Baldr would shag! Now, Freja, Skaldi, Hugin and Munin

”The former two, perhaps. The ravens, however? No.”

tacsuit-not-catsuit asked:

drabble prompt: a relationship to another goddess that's not recorded in myth.

Send me a prompt and I'll write a 4-5 sentence drabble
about it.

skaldi taught you how to string a bow.

idunn sang to you between instructions on how
to make dishes from apples.

sif taught you all the names of the flowers
in the fields, of all the different ways wheat
could grow strong.

                                             frejya put flowers in your hair when
                                             you married him.

                                             lofn stayed at your side the entire
                                             night when your husband was away
                                             and you were so sick from the swell
                                             of child in your belly.